A bold English adventuer. An invincible Japanese warlord. A beautiful woman torn between two ways of life, two ways of love. All brought together in a mighty. Librarian’s note: An alternate cover edition can be found here. A bold English adventurer. An invincible Japanese warlord. A beautiful woman torn between two . The Shogun novels were written by James Clavell who had been a prisoner of . The main character is John Blackthorne, an English pilot of a dutch ship who is.

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I like historical novels, but only if they really describe the times — in this case the time in Japanese history when the country was ruled by various warlords.

I would recommend engish who likes to read historical fiction to read this book. James Clavell lived for many years in Vancouver and Los Angeles, before settling in Switzerland, where he died in And to be fair, it may have suffered a bit in comparison to “Bring up the bodies”, one of the most remarkable and well-written historical novels I’ve read. The only really bad part is that all the Japanese ladies are like obsessed with how huge white guys’ dicks are, sigh.

I have had this book for quite some time in my collection, probably over five years shobun fact and it wasn’t until recently I picked it up, due to a good friend here on GoodReads who clavfll it as a favourite book.

He reveals to a surprised Toranaga that the Christian faith is divided and that other Xhogun countries intend to sail the Asian waters now that the Spanish Armada against England has been defeated. HardcoverBook Club Editionpages. D The plot is complex and very political so it really got me concentrating, I love how rich and deeply researched the story is.


And is it necessary to repeat the part about his cock again and again?

Shogun : James Clavell :

My mom and dad both deem this one of the greatest books ever written and my mom grew up in Japan, so if she liked it, I figured Clavell got the whole demystification right.

To think good thoughts, however, requires effort. If you enjoy historical fiction and are in any shogin interested in the Japanese culture I would advise this book. Shogun, for me, was an adventure. We all know I’ve been complaining about this book for the past six months, so there’s no other rating for me to give than englisb solid, satisfying one star.

Shogun, Part 1

Clavell’s depiction of Japa Whew! So much needless death. And it gave me even more pleasure to have known that the story of Anjin-san and Toranaga is inspired by true facts and the characters are based on real people. His book was for readers that knew practically nothing about jamees Japan.

This jamex one of the books I don’t know how I’ve lived without having read it. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. I really do need to read this one again,and I think I will someday This is the Clavell novel that most people have read — which is too bad, clavfll in many ways, it is not his best. It was a way for variety. But Japanese society is insular and xenophobic.


It is a fictionalized historical narrative that imbibes the very essence of poetry.

Shōgun (novel) – Wikipedia

A History and Complete Filmography. The characters were static, or else c This was abandoned, not finished. Might the readers enjoy this essay on the historical accuracy of the book as a complement? The weakest part was the ending.

We learn about the world both as Blackthorne does and in conversations between other characters. When looked at in these terms it makes sense. They build schools, hospitals, roads, railway line etc.

Shogun : A Novel of Japan

I loved this book and you might too. I’m sure my Lord would agree that parts of the story can become quite tedious. It didn’t make ebglish rich. After the missionaries, came the traders and then the colonialists. Martindue to the extensive palace intrigue, the brutal deaths of characters major and minor alike, and even the use of the phrase “Winter is coming.

Clacell Learn how and when to remove this template message. He returns to Osaka by sea with his crew and with many samurai granted to him by Toranaga.

The Japanese, in turn, are torn over Blackthorne’s presence as he is an outsider and a leader of a disgracefully filthy and uncouth rabblebut also a formidable sailor and navigator with extensive knowledge of the world outside Japan.