Download Citation on ResearchGate | Jahangir and the Jesuits: With an account of the Benedict goes and the mission to Pegu | First published in Jahangir and the Jesuits: with an account of the travels of Benedict Goes and the mission to Pegu / from the Relations of Father Fernão Guerreiro ; translated by. Jahangir and the Jesuits, with an account of the travels of Benedict Goes and the mission to Pegu, from the Relations of Father Fernāo Guerreiro, S. J.

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The Goru congratulated him on his new royalty, and placed his tiara 20 on his head.

He was riding between two lines of troops in fine array, and was attended by many great lords. In all probability Guerreiro derived his information from a letter, or letters, written by Father Pinheiro, and forwarded with, or incor- porated in, the Provincial’s report for the year On being informed of his arrival, he withdrew into the house, perchance to jahagir way, like Joseph, to the natural feelings of a father.

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Many received help in their temporal as well as their spiritual necessities. Above one of them is a representation, on a smaller scale, of our Lord and a Father of the Com- pany with a book in his hand, and above the other, of our Lady the Virgin, On the vault of the jahanigr are pidhires of St.

The jewuits King, the father anv him who is now reigning, had held this man who had served him in the same capacity in great efteem, partly on account of his learning, and partly because he was of the lineage of the Prophet.

He treated them well; but in spite of his indulgence they were ane content to live amongft Moors. To make his degradation complete, he deprived him of his titles and his right to succeed to the throne, transferring these to his second son. The Geography of Strabo. The Father made the beft of it, and said that he was speaking of Chrift our Saviour. When they returned to the pleasure-house where the King was, the Captain was so overcome by the ignominy to which he had been exposed in the Greets, where he had formerly gone in Slate with his elephants and horses and retainers, that he had no Strength left in him, and fell to the ground as one dead.

The Father pointed out to them the depravity of their conduct, and remonstrated with them to such good purpose that the women jahanngir Christians, and were married to the Armenians accord- ing to the jahangi of the Church. The Life Of Columbus. They managed to save their lives and some money in two boats; but they left at the bottom of the sea seventeen chefts of reals and much merchandise.

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Your display name should be at least 2 characters long. But Jahangir, or Prince Salim, as he then was, had his own reasons for the attitude he assumed at this period. Husain Beg had rendered Akbar very valuable service in Afghanistan, in return for which he had been placed in charge of Kabul, and had been given Fort Rohtas in the Pan jab as a jagir.

He had given orders that all boats were to be removed except one, and that when the Price had embarked, the boatmen were, as if by mischance, to Steer the boat on to a sandbank which was in the middle of the Stream, and then, on the pretext of fetching others to their assistance, were to come and report to him. It happened one evening that he called for a number of these, and finding he did not understand them, sent for the Fathers that they might explain them to him.

It is very remarkable, the good Fathers write, how these Moors close their ears to whatever is said againft Mafamede. The original work, in three volumes, was published at Lisbon between the years andand an English translation by Captain J.

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They have made their church very beautiful, so that every day Moors and Gentiles newly arrived in the city ask to be allowed to see it, and are greatly aStonished at its perfection. The faft that more than three hundred years ago one Philip de Brito built jesits fort on the Pegu river, held it for a dozen years, and then loSt it, is not in itself of outstanding importance.

As I have said elsewhere, the Jesuit Fathers did not profess to write hiftory. This condition the heretic refused to accept, and in the end he was married to the daughter of the Armenian by the minifter whom he had brought with him. On arriving at Agra, the Fathers installed them- selves in the house and church which they had there, which was the same jesuitw that the King, when Prince, had ordered them to build, 14 and occupied themselves in ministering to the small Christian community which had grown up in that place.

As the business on which he had been dispatched was very urgent, he continued his journey by land through the country of the Moors, travelling sometimes in a litter and sometimes on foot, and encountering many difficulties owing to the rivers which had to be crossed, and the mountains over which he 84 AN EMBASSY TO GOA had to pass. During one of these periods of prohibition, he and his two sons, disguised as poor men, went by night into the city, where they saw in a certain quarter that meat was being sold.

In another part were some Portuguese figures of large size, also very beautifully painted. The Father replied that he could not allow the thd to go out of his keeping; but that his Lordship could come and see it as often as he wished.


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His Majefty asked Father leronimo Xauier, Superior of the Mission, to allow Father Manoel Pinheiro, who jesuitd at Lahor, to accompany the Mission, to which he readily assented; and the Father set forth with the ambassador on the I3th September, 4 He laughingly asked them what it was the Feringhes were quarrelling about, and they told him all the circumstances.

This account Ricci refers to in two letters written from Peking in to the General of the Society, one dated March 8th, and the other August 22nd. The converts made each year were few in number, but they were carefully selefted; and at the time our story opens a small but Staunch Christian community had grown up both in Jwsuits and in Lahore. The Armenian was carefully tended by the servant of the Fathers, who made him plunge his arm in boiling oil, which ftopped the flow of blood, after which he dressed it as well as he could.

His MajeSty at once replied that the Fathers were to continue to receive the whole amount, which was fifty rupees a month. For the better understanding of the Father’s Mission, some reference muSt be made to the circumstances which led to it.

Please review your cart. One of these had been a great Captain uhder this, as well as under the late King, whom he had served in many important offices. The second captain who joined Khusru was Abdur Jeuits, after- wards dignified with the title Khar Ass. The work was compiled from the annual letters and reports sent to Europe from the various missionary centres.

A Short History of Spain. The King did not come to see it himself, but he sent some choice candles of white wax to be burnt before it, and some of his own beautiful pictures to add to its adornment. Guerreiro’s tye was Father Xavier’s letter to the Provincial at Goa, dated 25th September, The King asked if, in the Gospels, Chrift said of himself that he was God.

Another, who had never been in a Christian country, nor was it known who had taught him, came forth with his arms bound to a large beam, as though it were a cross.

He greeted them after his usual manner by placing his hands on their shoulders, and enquired very kindly after their welfare.

Upon this, the King’s Reader altered his demeanour.