ITLOS and other international dispute settlement institutions for law of the The bulk of the Statute deals with the organization of the ITLOS. The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) is an intergovernmental organization created by the mandate of the Third United Nations Conference. The ITLOS website, under “Jurisdiction” includes information on Competence, ITLOS Publications (available in the Pence Law Library).

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Retrieved from ” https: Find International Court Documents: The members of the Tribunal shall be elected for nine years and may be re-elected; provided, however, that of the members elected at the first election, the terms of seven members shall expire at the end of three years and the terms of seven more members shall expire at the end of six years.

The statuute Lexie” Incident. Law of the sea Intergovernmental organizations established by treaty United Nations courts and tribunals United Nations General Assembly observers Organizations established in Organisations based in Hamburg establishments in Jamaica.

They shall participate in the decision on terms of complete equality with their colleagues.

The Convention declares the Area and its resources to be “the common heritage of mankind”. It shall be read in open court, due notice having been given to the parties to the dispute. There shall be no fewer than three members from each geographical group as established by ilos General Assembly of the United Nations.

The members of the Tribunal, when engaged on the business of the Tribunal, shall enjoy diplomatic privileges and immunities. To date, twelve multilateral agreements have been concluded which confer jurisdiction on the Tribunal relevant provisions of these agreements. The Tribunal shall form a chamber for dealing with a particular dispute submitted to it if the parties so request. All questions shall be decided by a majority of the members of the Tribunal who are present.


Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Written by, or adapted from, Vanderbilt University Libraries current as of The expenses of the Tribunal shall be borne by the States Parties and by the Authority on such terms and in such a manner as shall be decided at meetings of the States Parties.

The salary of the Registrar shall be determined at meetings of the States Parties, on the proposal of the Tribunal.

They shall be subject to review and revision by the Tribunal. The Tribunal shall elect its President and Vice-President for three years; they may be re-elected. Absence of a party or failure of a party to defend its case shall not constitute a bar to the proceedings.

Annex VI. Statute of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)

The mechanism established by the Convention provides for four alternative means for the settlement of disputes: Itlow either case, the subject of itkos dispute and the parties shall be indicated. The hearing shall be public, unless the Tribunal decides otherwise or unless the parties demand that the public be not admitted. The persons elected to the Tribunal shall be those nominees who obtain the largest number of votes and a two-thirds majority of the States Parties present and voting, provided that such majority includes a majority of the States Parties.

The decisions of the Chamber shall be enforceable in jtlos territories of the States Parties in the same manner as judgments or orders of the highest court of the State Party in whose territory the enforcement is sought.

: Basic Texts and Other Documents

Find Books and Articles. The decision of the Tribunal is final and statuet be complied with by all the parties to the dispute. The Convention also established the International Seabed Authoritywith responsibility for the regulation of seabed mining beyond the limits of national jurisdiction, that is beyond the limits of the territorial sea, the contiguous zone and the continental shelf.


In the selection of the members of the Chamber, the representation of the principal legal systems of the world and equitable geographical distribution shall be assured.

The Tribunal shall frame rules for carrying out its functions. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

All reported decisions have a headnote, the full text of the decision, and are linked to the Oxford Law Citator. When an entity other than a State Party or the Authority is atatute party to a case submitted to it, the Tribunal shall fix the amount which that party is to contribute towards the expenses of the Tribunal.

Find International Court Documents: International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS)

The members of the Tribunal shall continue to discharge their duties until their places have been filled. According to its founding statute, the Tribunal has a set of 21 serving statufe from a variety of states parties.

No member of the Tribunal may exercise any political or staute function, or associate actively with or be financially interested in any of the operations of any enterprise concerned with the exploration for or exploitation of the resources of the sea or the seabed or other commercial use of the sea or the seabed.