All electrical installations and equipment comply with insulation resistance specifications so they can operate safely. Whether it involves the connection cables. IR Testing for Low voltage. Circuit voltage, Test voltage, IR Value(Min). Extra Low Voltage, V DC, MΩ. Up to V except for above. These minimum IR testing voltages must always be adhered to in order to accurately measure the Insulation Resistance in all electrical equipment. Any test .

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IR Value at Maintenance Time.

Measurement of insulation resistance (IR) – Part 2

If the ground i.r.tesging be removed, as in the case of some windings with solidly grounded neutrals, the insulation resistance of the winding cannot be measured.

Motor Out off Well Without Cable. I.r.testihg work i.r.testinng single paper. In addition to the leakage current due to insulation resistance, there is a further current leakage in the reactance of the insulation, because it acts as the dielectric of a capacitor. The IR tests must be carried out between Phase-Phase-Neutral-Earth with a minimum acceptable value for each test of 0. Facebook Linkedin Google Plus Twitter. Prageeth Mar 05, Shut down the transformer and disconnect the jumpers and lightning arrestors.


Premium Membership Get access to premium electrical guides, technical articles and much more! For most dc armature and ac windings built after about form wound coils. Thank u so much sir…. Value below which Insulation is not acceptable etc.

Tech Power System Control ,B. For insulation testing, we need to disconnect from panel or equipment and keep them isolated from power supply.

I sent your link to one of overhead i.r.tezting supplier which was located in some part in Europe, because we were requesting for the IR but they say they do not know such IR.

The content is copyrighted to EEP and may not be reproduced on other websites. Qaisar Feb 02, A Very Useful Article Request to mentioned the source of the information provided.

The resistance between Phase-Phase-Neutral-Earth must never be less than 0. IR Value for Transformer 3. Thanks for your article.

Abdulhameed Jul 01, Solidly grounded winding must have the ground removed in order to measure the insulation resistance of the winding grounded. Capacitors and indicator or pilot lamps must be disconnected or an inaccurate test reading will result.

Motor Name Plate V. I think is tertiary winding. Voltage Rating Of Equipment.

Benefits of Permanently Installed Automatic Insulation Resistance (IR) Testing: Part 3 of 3

All LV surge diverter earth connections are i.r.testingg be disconnected during the test. Value at 60 seconds after application of the test voltage is referred to as the Insulation Resistance of the transformer at the test temperature. Why to avoid meggering when the transformer is under vacuum? Megger Value of HV 6. Usha Aug 31, For any installation, the insulation resistance measured shall i.r.testimg be less than: Jayant sahoo Feb 10, What should b d megger range n what is d value??


In the case of a very large installation where there are many earth paths in parallel, the reading would be expected to be lower. Sir, it has been observed that during oil replacement procedure of a power transformer in one of our Substations IR values were taken after draining of oil and after filling with oil. Bilel Alibi Jun 07, What voltage do u use 5 test a v bus bar and what are the expected results.

To whomever this may concern, whilst the information contained on this website is useful, it is no substitute for the application of competent electrical engineering by experienced practitioners.

Vilas Pathak Mar 18, IR Value for Panel Bus 8. Sagar Vaghasiya Feb 03,