Noteshelf 2 offers by far the best handwriting feeling! iPad + Apple Pencil FREE Giveaway Competition – Click Here. 02 d. 12 h PDF Annotation 10 / Common Evernote Sync Error · Before Reinstalling the App · For Minor Issues – Restart your iPad · Found a bug? Restoring Issues With iTunes Method?. Forget drawing: Want to take notes on your iPad or annotate . Noteshelf, $ This app combines many of my favorite Notability and.

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You can now customize your ‘Add Menu’ in the toolbar. Many Covers and Papers.

‎Noteshelf 2 on the App Store

Unique to Noteshelf is the ability to create the look and feel of paper I loved my paper and books on shelf. Another function no one has tried is a carousel of open books that one could hit a button and choose a open or recent notebook, rather than closing and going out to shelf to grab book. Fixes opad issue where the app may crash rarely due to a memory leak.

Join us in making Noteshelf 2 better at note-taking. Better than all other note apps, especially with Apple Pencil.

:: Welcome to Noteshelf ::

Also, I have a large scientific sales and marketing team. Add as many recordings annotqte you want and play them back anytime, even as you take notes. They feel a bit small. Airmail – Your Mail With You. And the Sync to Evernote is nice Mar 4, Version Jason Tucker Ipav film director I use Noteshelf for creating my storyboards. Notability tells me that enough people are not interested in what I am asking for. We love the new Mojave OS. I tend to have difficulty making that nice box because it is a bit hard to judge exactly where it will be once the lines are completely straightened out.


We also support a host of smart styli from our partners Adonit, Wacom and FiftyThree. Nothing has felt so natural ever but Noteshelf. This app is only available noteshslf the App Store for iOS devices. I don’t own a fancy stylus indie director, remember? Thank you NoteShelf-2 for being the better product. I have literally bought and used every notwshelf handwriting app available on the App Store.

I have tried accessing my notes from my DropBox since it has a feature that auto-backups, but I was not able to open my notebooks at all because currently there is no Mac software that can open and view nbt files. Record on Apple Watch.

It has a zoom feature, but it opens a smaller window at the bottom of the screen and is not intuitive to amnotate. You can now choose to sync your Noteshelf notebooks to business notes in Evernote. You can annotats outlines with bullets or numbers and checklists using checkboxes. For me, Noteshelf is essential for iPad users. Compatibility Requires iOS I use Noteshelf for creating my storyboards. As a Noteshelf Club member, you get access to s of free papers, covers, access to early betas and more!

I always keep coming back to this app for everything. Minor bug fixes and stability improvements.

The original Noteshelf has been helping iPad owners record their thoughts and annotate their documents since the early years of the App Store.

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Go ahead, tap on ‘More.



Fixed crash while selecting the cover. The most recent update allows the user to write on colored paper. I wish the auto-backup feature would allow you to pick which format you would like to backup in.

Sync and share them with your colleagues, friends, and family! You can also convert your handwritten notes niteshelf text. However, NoteShelf-2 has literally left Notability in the proverbial dust due to all the advantages and advanced features of NoteShelf. While this works for my display, I have a dilemma now about how to export this document as a pdf to create guided notes that my students can write on.

I have yet to find an app that beats the quality of this one.

Our Calligraphic pen makes your handwriting look gorgeous! Thank you developers of Noteshelf. Other than that I love this app. Easily paste photos, easy pictograms. They continue to grow and innovate with every update to continue making this app easy, user-friendly, and compatible for all uses.

Our automatic shape detection notesehlf does the magic for you!

And plus, I have an extremely hard time believely that not enough people are asking for this feature as Notability claims when iOS overall is really focusing in on using iCloud to communicate and function between all your iOS devices.