Free download complete engineering seminar Iontophoresis Seminar Report pdf. Here we are giving you Iontophoresis Seminar and PPT with PDF report. All you need to do is just click on the download link and get it. Seminar on Iontophoresis Drug Delivery System .. Reports have appeared in literature showing appreciable levels of certain drugs in underlying deeper.

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While it might seem like reverse iontophoresis could be a saving grace from invasive procedures, there are several downsides to the current procedure.? A for two hours, it seems plausible that by increasing the current of the controller, the concentration of urea removed from the body can be scaled up accordingly1. The mechanism by which iontophoresis works is based upon the knowledge that like electrical charges repel. Current dialysis takes three to five hours for the procedure itself, not including travel time, and reverse iontophoresis has a lag time of approximately fifteen minutes?

For the method of reverse iontophoresis to be applicable as an alternative for kidney dialysis, its use as a technique of urea removal must first be proven.

Iontophoresis is a recognized therapeutic method for delivering ionic compounds, i. With this type of dialysis, you either insert a bag of dialysate into your peritoneal cavity, where it stays for four or five hours before being drained Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis CAPDor hook up to a machine called a cycler at night Continuous Cycling Peritoneal Dialysis CCPD.?

Placement of the electrodes is dependent on the polarity of the medication being delivered.

Iontophoresis | Seminar Report, PPT, PDF for ECE Students

This neutral ssminar is necessary as changes in pH can affect both the permeability of the skin and the ionization state of the solutes which the device is attempting to se,inar. In anodal iontophoresis positively charged ionsthe electrode orientation is reversed fig.

Are you interested in this topic. This current is then passed between the two electrodes. Until now, the combination LDPM laser Doppler perfusion monitoring and iontophoresis has been used mostly as a diagnostic tool for diseases affecting macro- and microcirculation and the controlling regulatory nerves.

Obviously, negatively charged ions will behave in the same manner. Iontophoresis or ion transfer is introduction of substances into the body for therapeutic purposes using a direct current.


In ionntophoresis practice, iontophoresis devices are used primarily for the treatment of inflammatory conditions in skin, muscles, tendons and joints, such as in temperomandibular joint dysfunctions. The charged drug molecule is repelled from the active electrode into the skin and then into the systemic circulation.

An ion of equal charge but of a different type is referred to as a co-ion. Obviously, negatively charged ions will behave in the same manner.

Therapeutic results depend on the ion introduced, the pathology present and the desired effects. Tests have shown that the GlucoWatch is safe for children older than seven and that the GlucoWatch is just as accurate as traditional methods9.? Iontophoresis Seminar Report pdf. Reverse iontophoresis has also been proven to effectively monitor urea and potassium in in vitro experiments.

Download the Seminar Report for Iontophoresis

About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Due to the fact that urea removal from the body was successful in this study with a current of only ? Electro-Chemical Equivalent represents standardized figures for ionic transfer with known currents and time factors. Thus, it is important to keep the pH as close as possible to 7, atleast when working with vasodilators.

When a negatively charged drug is to be delivered across an epithelial barrier which is placed under the negatively charged delivery electrode cathode from which it is repelled, to be attracted to the positive electrode placed elsewhere on the body.

Finally, the accuracy of the device, while already quite good, needs to be improved before reverse iontophoresis can potentially replace dialysis. In a previous study, reverse iontophoresis was used on the forearm of five healthy individuals and eighteen patients with chronic kidney disease1.

We intend to investigate the practicality of using reverse iontophoresis as an alternative to kidney dialysis as a quicker, more efficient, and cheaper treatment for individuals with ESRD. Since hydronium ions are small, they penetrate the skin more iontophorezis than larger drug ions.

Up to this p oint, reverse iontophoresis has been used primarily as a monitoring mechanism.? Iontophoresis has also been observed to enhance the penetration of a number of dipolar ions zwitterionic substances, such as phenylalanine. The vast majority of those diagnosed with ESRD were treated with dialysis, the most common method being hemodialysis.?


This conclusion smeinar us to hypothesize that reverse iontophoresis can efficiently perform the task of a dialysis machine in iontophoresiis non-invasive manner.

At the end of this lecture the student must be able to: While increasing the current will decrease the lag time, a current of 17 to 99 mA is sufficient to kill a human being? Application of a positive current from an electrode to a solution applied to a skin surface will drive the positively charged drug ions away from the electrode and into the skin. One necessary improvement is the application time.? Iontophoresis Published on Dec 06, AsBy definition, iontophoresis is the increased movement of ions in an applied electric field.

Iontophoresis is an effective and painless method of delivering medication to a localized tissue area by applying electrical current to a solution of the medication. This polarisation can be overcome by using pulsed DC, a direct current that is delivered periodically. While dialysis has been an effective solution to renal failure, other iontophoresiw should be encouraged as a better alternative to the present system.?

Once again, however, this study was not done as a long-term treatment model.? If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your iontophiresis in any social system. A of current are sent through the skin when reverse iontophoresis is used in a monitoring capacity2.? An external energy source can be used to increase the rate of penetration of drugs through the membrane.


Reverse iontophoresis is a process in which molecules are removed from within the body via a negative charge on the skin that causes solvent flow towards a cation9.

Download your Full Reports for Iontophoresis. The latter ion is of opposite charge is referred to as a counter-ion.

One such method, reverse iontophoresis, is a non-invasive and convenient technique to draw certain substances in bodily fluids out through the skin.? The optimum is a compound that exists predominantly in an ionised form. Generally, hyperemia under both electrodes lasts weminar one hour, causing no more discomfort to the patient.