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What moved me the most in this novel is: More Sermon Than Story Leo Tolstoy’s last major novel is a twilight indictment of Tlostoi criminal justice and penal systems. In other works of his that I have read, female characters were always portrayed with great care.

What is iniverea the message of its all? Believing his actions set in motion Maslova’s wayward path leading to imprisonment, PDN endeavors to have her freed.

The focus is on him for the most part as he struggles with the realization that there’s an entire other side to life than he has been aware of all these years, that things aren’t quite as rosy as they have been for him as an aristocrat. This is so true! Jul 29, Inviedea rated it it was amazing Shelves: Refresh and try again. She suffers a lot trying to live like any normal lady but everywhere she encounters persons beginning to beset her and making amorous ttolstoi to seduce her.

When Prince Nekhlyudov is called to serve tostoi a jury, he realizes that one of the accused is Katusha Maslova, a woman he recognizes from his younger days. Yet, what happens also appeases the heart of Nekhludoff, and we see his true sacrifice. I also did not find the topics to be dated or irrelevant. Dec 11, Robyn rated it it was amazing. It so happens that on one day, Mr.


It is the detailed description of the harshness of that invifrea that I appreciated; it is so real, so grippingly and so honestly portrayed. Guilt and misgivings wracked him and so he tried to marry her. It all lies in the fact that men think there are circumstances when one may deal with human beings without love. I’ll agree that it’s not as broad in scope or vision, but the story itself still managed to intrigue me.

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The story is good, the philosophy great and eye invlerea. Private property is bad. Now, coming back to the judicial system. The end concludes with passages from the Gospel of Mathew. In “Anna Karenina”, we witness the despair and destruction of the main character, in “Resurrection”, the tender hope and revival of two souls.

The brutality and injustice of both the legal and prison system. Apparently tolstoii it was Dear Tolstoy: Tolstoy’s novel is a moralistic tale, yes, but the finest you are ever going to read. The head maid fired Maslova, an educated peasant, after finding out she slept with PDN. Without these conditions, the terrible acts I witnessed today would be impossible in our times.

The fourth law is that man should forgive for any wrong done to him and should bear it humbly. The living conditions are vividly portrayed. And this is untrue. Men always chase the beautiful woman and she loses servant jobs, the ladies of the house quite insist.

Invierea de Lev Tolstoi – Radio DEEA

He tries to get her punishment reduced. In the first part of the book, I could only complain about the repetitiveness of some ‘moralistic thoughts’. Life of the peasantry is grimly portrayed, but at the same time we do see acts of kindness and goodness.

Apparently when it was first published, however, it tolstio both Anna Karenina and War and Peace before its popularity waned over the years.


Isn’t this how life is really? This book has been described as preachy in tone and outdated in content and I couldn’t disagree more. If man starts obeying these laws the kingdom of God will be established on earth. What more can a reader want? We do not see the perversion in the views of life held by these people, only because the circle formed by them is more extensive, and we ourselves are moving inside of it.

I honestly right now can not even attempt to state his main point, but I can say that it is the ultimate humanitarian view and exemplifies the spiritual man.

Probably because Tolstoy could puke on a piece of paper, put a cover on it, and I would read it. He changed my perceptions of the Holocaust, Abu Ghraib, and even happenings in our daily life. The invierwa is basically a critique of both organized religion and the injustices of criminal law and justice.

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Published February 1st by Replica Books first published Ijvierea died before marriage. One second he is saying that everyone has to find their own answers and that religion is useless, the other he says it’s all in the Bible. Moreover, I had this feeling that Tolstoy was contracting himself. View all 5 comments. That is why things could not be set right.

This edition, which updates a classic translation, has explanatory notes, and a substantial introduction based on the most recent scholarship in the field.