Interchar , Interchar , Interchar , Interchar and Interchar Interchar can be specified for structural beams, columns and. This approval relates to the use of Interchar for the fire protection of of Interchar (excluding primer and top sealer) required to provide. Interchar | Anti-corrosion solutions | Adress A. Kojelavičiaus g. 17, LT Vilnius.

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Unfaced product can receive decorative renders or plaster. Association for Specialist Fire Protection 5 Fire protection for structural steel in buildings th www. Similarly an assessment need not cover all the steelwork shapes.

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These temperatures may not be available with existing data. Product description Resin bonded rock fibre semi-rigid insulation board 2. The temperature of the steel at failure will vary. To provide maximum information tests should ideally be continued until all steel sections have reached a mean temperature of oC or other maximum assessment temperature required by the sponsor or until the insulation system has suffered a significant detachment from the steel section.

For illustrative purposes only. In such cases all variations should be agreed with the assessor and the reasons for.

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EN test for fire protection to concrete. Resistance to the transfer of excessive heat [insulation I ] is the ability of the element to resist the passage of heat by conduction. Normally a minimum number of 3 points is necessary to draw a curve but one of these points could be a conservative baseline point of 10 minutes.


The temperature used for the assessment shall be the lowest temperature at failure of the appropriate beam or column when tested in accordance with BS or prEN Hence Hp is taken as the circumference of the tube and not 4D. In the case of a primer being employed. Product description Resin bonded heavy-duty rock fibre insulation.

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Stormwater General Design Criteria. This has an effect on the limiting temperature as shown in Table 1. Validity Date Report CC February February Updated information on place of manufacture to be provided by the manufacturer. No readings shall normally be taken within 25mm of edges.

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The data sheet must also be consulted to check that 36mm for minutes fire resistance is within the limitations imposed by the constraints and to establish how 36mm can be obtained within the thicknesses available. The data sheets indicate the limiting temperatures for the tabulated data. Each zone must be mm in length and must be situated immediately below its equivalent web post zone.

The UK approach in earlier publications of this document considered the ability of the protection material to maintain the steel temperature below the temperature at which structural failure occurs under the maximum permissible design loading. This process could be simplified by the designer specifying a maximum steel temperature. BS test data is unlikely to be an acceptable basis for assessing to the requirements of ENV The data sheets specify the dry thickness.


Durability High resistance to high humidity and temperature. Encasement board interhcar to interfhar angle at mm max.

Once units of paint. FRP in screw-fix Vicuclad system. The former shall result in a product specific analysis or assessment of the combined steel beam and protection product performance [similar to RT ] as provided by a competent structural fire engineer. The main difference is that a loaded column test is not required in the European Standard. Each fire protection system has been the subject of test and has been assessed by one of the methods described in Sections 3 and 4 or 5 or 6.

In view of these variables. Web and flange board butt joints can be secured with or without Quickset adhesive. Specially designed and constructed suspended ceilings utilising lightweight metal support components. The assessment procedures use data generated either from tests on loaded beams and columns to BS Thickness range 20 — mm FRP in bonded Vicuclad system.

In the 1st and 2nd editions of this publication. Inteerchar that period it has become a definitive reference to the provision of fire protection to structural steel in buildings, and a source of validated performance data about products for that purpose provided by ASFP members.