Intecont Tersus – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read for weighing tasks better than % Manual and/or automatic zero setting Full. The INTECONT Tersus weighing elec- tronics is specially tion module, INTECONT Tersus optimally fits into any Manual and/or automatic zero setting. processes, the INTECONT Tersus meas- uring, control, and supervisory module, INTECONT Tersus optimally fits into any Manual and automatic zero setting.

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Does not apply manua the auto-matic zero setting device. Service and MaintenanceService and MaintenanceService and MaintenanceService and Maintenance All warning and instruction signs on the scales must be observed. Feeder is no longer operable. Belt speed The belt speed is recorded with a speed pick-up.

However, they will not be cleared.

Manual Intecont Tersus

We use cookies our own and those of third parties to make it easier for you to use our websites. Belt Drift Related threshold: Reset the totalizing counter The function has to be activated with the P It only measures the belt load and belt speed when off the cross is stationary.


The feed rate will only be calculated with the feeder switched on and during the stopping time P Dialog language, display units and availability or security of the function block functions. Tachometer Input A P Actual Flow Rate 3 s P Intecont Tersus Schenck Calibration Manual pdf If the optional activation is required on devices which have already been delivered, the data is transferred to the Schenck process, and the generated activation code is reported back.

The value must approximately correspond to the information in the data sheet. If noch tacho is active don’t change characteristic value vs. It is recorded with a suitable measuring amplifier. It can be printed out with the Batch Record function or automatically after every finished batch P If it is not possible to bring about a reasonable operational state in spite of all efforts, the test plug chapter might help.

This means that if the belt load changes, the measurement result for the feed rate will not accord precisely with the current feed rate at the dispatch point.

The counter protocol is available at any time. It is determined by the design of the terus platform and can usually be found in the technical data sheets.

Call up the function Setup – Service Values a tachometer The output frequency of the tachometer generator has to be less than 3, Hz when the measurement is activated.


It doesnt matter where inetcont are, our specialists are there to advise and assist with the best in worldwide, personal, com-prehensive service. To ensure this require-ment is met, only genuine Schenck Process spare parts should be used. When using other spare parts, the warranty will be void.

Manual Intecont Tersus

Call up the calibration function LB: Serial interface connection diagram In other respects the protection classes of the housing must be observed. The scale has to run in volumetric operation. The belt load of the weighbridge is not legal for trade The material is transported over a weighing platform located beneath the belt, limited by 2 carrying idlers.

Deselect Batch This function deselects batching mode, terss.

Important configuration and calibration functions are secured via a password. The length ratio from the centerline of the weighing platform to the material dispatch to the overall belt conveyor length infecont known.