This tough and gritty French-language crime drama represents the premier installment in a two-part series of features on the life and doings of notorious Gallic. This is a slick gangster pic about the French and Canadian Public Enemy #1. Based on (I think) the memoirs of the title character, it succeeds in its many. Inspired by Jacques Mesrine’s autobiographical book “L’Instinct de mort” – which he wrote in prison shortly before his magnificent final escape – Jean-François.

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Jean-Paul Mercier Elena Anaya Killer Instinct” matches every stereotype mentioned but considerably fails to immerse audience members in its narrative and characters. The film has earned comparisons to the American film Scarfaceand Vincent Cassel earned rave reviews for his portrayal of Mesrine. In Februaryhe fled to the province of Quebec with his then mistress, Jeanne Schneider, and se as a cook and chauffeur for grocery and textile millionaire Georges Deslauriers for a few months.

Killer Instinct L’instinct de mort “. Each episode showcases another aspect to Mesrine’s multi-layered character. He married Maria De La Soledad; they had three children but later separated in Yes No Report this. Inat age 19, he married Lydia De Souza in Clichy; the couple divorced a year later.

Gerard Depardieu also stars and both men are terrific in the film. The only thing it may accentuate is the gravity of violence that Mesrine enacted. Georges Wilson as The Billionaire.


After stealing from a mob operated casino, the pair attract the attention of local mob bosses. On his return to France, he moves into his parents’ home, where he reunites with his mother and his father.

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Mesrine: Part 1 – Killer Instinct (L’Instinct de mort) – Cineuropa

Myriam Boyer as Mesrine’s Mother. View All Audience Reviews. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Richet then flashes back to the Franco-Algerian War of the late ’50s and a brutal interrogation undergone by Mesrine.

They hatch a plan to break Roger and friends out of prison, which does not go as intended. Le milliardaire Deano Clavet However, in Marchhe is arrested after a successful heist, but as he is transferred to the courtroom, he requests to use the bathroom, and retrieves a pistol hidden in the toilet tank.

Season 2 DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: What is it with gangsters? The billionaire is taken away by paramedics just as Mesrine and Jeanne arrive back at their apartment. Elena Anaya as Sofia.

Jacques Mesrine

Infamous for his bravado and outrageously daring prison escapes, Mesrine carried out numerous robberies, kidnappings and murders in a criminal career that spanned continents until he was shot dead in by France’s notorious anti-gang unit. Nevertheless, he still plans to break out of prison. Killer Instinct L’instinct de mort News.

His charisma, very ably aided by Vincent Cassel’s own screen presence, shines from the screen whether talking his way out of house or defiantly standing up to his brutal treatment when mrsrine is finally caught and incarcerated.


Regardless, there’s nothing movie-goers could take into account other then the disturbingly soul-blotting violence and the extremely one-dimensional narrative. Full Cast and Crew. He returns to Paris and commits more robberies. However, a downsizing in resulted in him being laid off.

Mesrine: Killer Instinct (Mesrine: L’Instinct De Mort)

It’s undeniably uneven, but Vincent Cassel’s electrifying performance makes Mesrine: I found the film to be very entertaining and well mersine. Mesrine’s outlaw odyssey even brought him to Canada, where he fell in with separatist radicals in Quebec.

Alain Fromager as Journalist.

Although he disliked military discipline, Mesrine enjoyed action and was decorated with the Cross for Military Valour by General Charles de Gaulle before leaving the army in While Mesrine was trying to talk them out of this, Cote, possibly alerted by the sight of the arsenal of weapons, suddenly recognised the pair, whereupon Mesrine and Mercier shot both officers dead.

Much of it plays like an unintentional mash-up of the numerous wrong-side-of-the-law sagas that preceded it. Mesrine and Besse eluded the subsequent massive sweep of the area by taking a farmer and his family hostage and forcing him to drive them to safety.