Inside the Spaceships has 63 ratings and 13 reviews. David said: When believers of UFOs divide into the usual 2 camps of Religious or Scientific, a str. George Adamski (17 April – 23 April ) was a Polish American citizen who became widely known in ufology circles, and to some degree in popular culture, after he claimed to have photographed spaceships from other planets, met with friendly Nordic alien Space Brothers, . In his book Inside the Space Ships, Adamski claimed that Orthon. Inside The Space Ships by George Adamski (). excerpt from the book: I had to remind myself that, after all, they too were human beings and, no matter how.

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Inside the Spaceships, Flying Saucers have landed

The larger bodies, so far as I could tell, were not burning, but merely glowing. When the Scout came to a standstill on its goerge and the door was opened onto a platform as in the other carrier, no one was there to meet us and attach clamps over the flange and the rail as had been done on the Venusian ship for the smaller Scout.

The mouths of all seemed to be of average size with natural red lips, varying in deepness of color with skin tones.

Palomar while I was staying with Adamski in July, bringing several landing reports from South America which seemed to follow the same pattern—large circular spaveships, good-looking normal human beings within, powerful electromagnetic forcefield surrounding the ship.

Green cloth, spine and edges lightly sunned, light wear, writing on end paper. It was February 18, Once more we entered the central chamber with its flashing, mobile wall graphs.

Inside the Spaceships

We consider planets throughout the Universe as being in one vast sea of life. I marveled anew at the unbelievable way in which they were able to fit spacesships together so that joinings were imperceptible.

They were fascinating, entirely different from anything I had seen on Earth, and I tried to guess their purposes. Indeed, such adornment would have served only to detract from their own natural beauty.

Inside the Spaceships by George Adamski. I have since learned that he had a particular reason for wearing his hair in this style. Nor had we experienced any jerk as we broke contact with the ground. No underlining; no highlighting; no internal markings. This time we drove only a short distance before the car sppaceships.


Likewise for Firkon and Ramu and their covert-duty business suits. Then the taller and seemingly younger girl leaned forward and touched my cheek lightly with her lips. The side of the Moon that you see from Earth has not much chance to show you its actual clouds, which are rarely heavy. Inside the Flying Saucers. But interference to the point of destruction, never. Instantly the light within increased and the low humming became audible as the machinery started.

Her eyes, too, were more golden than any other color and held an expression that was both gentle and merry. The elder man and Ramu, the Saturnian, remained in the lounge. So the proper term for that is not democracy; it’s plutocracy.

We know that, as never before, they hunger for knowledge of a way of life that will deliver them. I’m smarter than I was as a kid 50 years ago.

Jun 10, Stephen rated it did not like it. Very Good with no dust jacket. The shorter man looked younger and I judged his height to be about five feet, nine inches.

Yet you ask the Eternal Father of all things to do that which you yourselves would not do.

George Adamski – Wikipedia

And to my surprise, our planet was giving off a white light, very similar to that from the Moon, only not so spcaeships as moonlight in a clear night on Earth. Aeamski was dressed in the same ski-type flying suit that he had worn on the first occasion, but this suit was light brown in color with orange stripes at top and bottom of the waistband.

In our worlds it is known as growth through following the laws of the All Supreme Intelligence which governs all time and space. On the other side of the door was yet another painting, a pastoral scene of hills and mountains with a stream running through the farmland.

I studied with interest a large picture near the door on the wall to my right. I think the peoples of Earth would be amazed to find how swiftly a change could come throughout the planet. I have since learned that psaceships had a particular reason for wearing his hair in this style.


We continued along until we had reached the outer circular corridor. And, therefore, nothing that is not possible of achievement.

This room, I should say, was about thirty-five by forty-five feet, and something like forty feet in height. I still had no idea in what direction we were traveling, except to sense that we were entering desert country. The color was light tan with bands of darker brown at top and bottom of the waist belt. The Martian I shall call Firkon.

George Adamski’s Inside the Spaceships Artist’s Conceptions

I understood this well and conducted myself accordingly, since in the presence of these men I sensed a power which made me feel like a child in the company of beings of vast wisdom and compassion.

The Martian now spoke for the first time since our meeting in the hotel. The shorter of the two women touched my hand in the recognized greeting, then immediately turned away to walk over to another part of the room. During his explanation, I watched the screens and the ever-changing patterns. Riding along in the bus, my physical eyes saw the Earthly scenery through which we were passing, and some of the people seated in my immediate vicinity.

When I was a kid in the s scientists scoffed at the idea of Continental Drift.

You speak of our craft — you call them Saucers — as flying, a geirge which applies to the operation of your own planes. The purpose of this book is to stimulate this activity into even greater growth and understanding.

The consistency was slightly heavy, of a type to be sipped. As I sipped it, I strove to regain my composure and to impress the images of these gracious and beautiful young women indelibly on my mind. Its magnifications could be varied at will, and I suspect that there was more to it than a simple optical system such as we know on Earth.