Psychic sexuality has 26 ratings and 0 reviews: Published by Ingo Swann Books, pages, Unknown Binding. Description. Psychic Sexuality. By Ingo Swann. In , Ingo Swann was invited by Dr. Elmer Green at the Menninger Foundation to participate in experiments. PSYCHIC. SEXUALITY. The Bio-Psychic “Anatomy” of Sexual Energies. INGO SWANN Published in the United States by Ingo Swann Books,. P.O. Box

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I As an aside, in the early twentieth century there was the case i. Hence the first goal of the would-be aura seer is to perceive energies. ImlogiBt generally credited with originating the modern school of psy- chology called behaviorism. After all, any individual who can perceive a whole lot also will become enabled to know a whole lot. The verb implies an activity of some kind, usually a transient activity. Thus, psycbic terminology games researchers played often caused the same phenom- ena to be referred to one way and than another.

And, as but one preventive iimBure, mainstream funding was, by common unspoken mainstreamnimensus, to be withheld from any who proposed to proceed gathering such evidence. As defined and de. Within those research encounters, a number of those pshchic observed that whether weak or strong, such effects are not simply imagi- nary — because whatever is involved results in tangible experiencing.

Many of those terms are commonly utilized in a general sense, but without any in-depth idea of what they mean, especially as regards their forgotten nigo background. This is how they have been treated by modern historians, scien- tists and psychologists alike, and so it seems that societal forces have properly established their non-importance.

I hese consisted of large rooms noted for the opulence of their furnish- ings, with enormous reflecting mirrors everywhere, the whole being I dimly lit. The orgastic potency is composed of radiating bions which, Reich stated and later demonstratedcan be transferred to objects and other human bodies for therapeutic cathartic purposes. psychhic

Psychic sexuality: The bio-psychic “anatomy” of sexual energies by Ingo Swann

pzychic During the latter half of the nineteenth century these were in- vestigated by a number of Westerners — some of whom had the enthusi- astic idea of activating their own extended sexhality powers more or less based on the ancient Eastern knowledge routes. Dingwall also brought together, in private, a large collection of sexual materials.


Now, it must be pointed up that there is nothing strange about any of this. From the start of his work, his interests focused precisely on sexual energies, especially those associated with orgasm. I Indeed, such was the strength of Mesmerism that it came to constitute one of the first international movements of any kind.

This doc- trinal denial resulted in two rather deplorable spectacles: For example, the positive interest of Sir William Crookes in the physical phenomena of Spiritualism damaged his high scientific standing almost beyond re- pair.

In any event, certain researchers tried to estimate physical ef- fects of the psychic force on the mediums and sitters.

In order to discuss the concept of the human as body-energy- mind, it is first somewhat profitable to review when and why the decid- edly faulty dualistic concept became established.

But a full part of it is that social sexualitt cannot take place very well unless the quite excellent and remarkable perceptions of each human organism are first dumbed down in certain strategic aspects. This motional aspect must deliberately be carried in mind, be- cause artistic and photographic representations of auras tend to show them as static and motionless.

Therein resided one William H. Now, considering the ultra-prudish, sex-freakish Victorian times involved, it might reasonably be expected that ANY format of all this, if publicly sexuslity, would undergo extensive censure. But in corre- spondence to me, he indicated that a good portion of it included docu- ments swannn sexualizing energies encountered while conducting mesmeric and psychical research.

Third, although a cause or source can be seen to have influ- enced something else as an effect or psychhic, the influencing process BETWEEN the cause and the effect tends to remain invisible.

Gassner attracted the attention pf Franz Anton Mesmer, and whose name ultimately was to tower over all others.

But, as we have seen, Reich did not escape condemnation ei- ther, specifically because his work intruded into the category of human energetics. And so inggo first meaning of clairvoyance in French is, of course, seeing clearly. Trivia About Psychic sexuality The reason is that even under usual circumstances, many people report sensing or feeling energies of others.


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Instead, he rightly makes the menu function as it should: After earlier witnessing remarkable demonstra- tions by other mediums, and then by Home. Anot her quirk is that perceptions are stronger if they are so- cially tolerated and weak or non-existent if not tolerated.

They also acted as preventives with regard to accumula- tion of knowledge of human energetics. An updated ver- sion of this was later published in English in Very briefly put, it is more or less true that human perceptions can be conditioned by social, cultural and environmental factors.

Further, we have seen that each aspect of the research emerged in different time periods and under different re- searchers. However, any real appreciation of the lucidity story must begin by making an attempt to bring at least a modicum of authenticity to Mil clairvoyance itself as a necessary human attribute.

Psychic Sexuality by Swann, Ingo

With empirical precision still acceptable today, Reichenbach acted hundreds of experiments involving crystals, magnets and the Ituiim n body. One distinction pscyhic separated the real medium from the fake ones had to do with energy sensations felt by those attending the se- ances.

Crawford re- ported putting his experimental sitters on the scale and found that their loss of weight at the end of the seance was greater esxuality the weight lost by the medium.

It is therefore quite clear that other exceedingly dramatic phe- nomena associated with Spiritualism triggered its high profile. After Reichenbach, no researcher hoping for a modicum of rec- ognition by mainstream powers dared to utilize mesmeric or sexkality meta- phors, since such rubrics had been vigorously condemned both in name and as regards the substantial topics they represented.

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