Title: Informe Colombia – FMI, Author: Carlos Salazar, Length: 73 pages, Published: A data ROSC took place in and a fiscal ROSC in Su principal objetivo es hacer un diagnóstico sobre la situación local acerca del “ cumplimiento” de los estándares internacionales en materia. INFORME ROSC LINA ARDILA DARSI GUEVAR ¿QUE ES EL INFORME ROSC? 1. MARCO LEGAL: Requisitos jurídicos y legales del país.

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In addition, the SFC is currently participating in a joint study with the Fund of financial interconnectedness in Central America and among Colombia and Central America. It will be important to further reduce non-wage costs and contain the growth of the minimum wage to fight informality. The investor base comprises mainly domestic participants, primarily banks, trust companies and pension funds. Medium Low Use the exchange rate and international reserves as shock absorber.

The model also suggests that, after an initial overshooting in June and July of following the announcement of possible Fed tapering, year TES yields have converged to levels that are broadly in line with fundamentals.

Informality in Colombia continued Informality is distributed across all regions. The authorities agreed that adhering to the fiscal plan would require exceptional discipline, but they expressed confidence that the targets would be met given broad consensus for the fiscal rule.

Colombian authorities; and Fund staff estimates and projections. Directors emphasized the need to foster more inclusive growth through structural reform. The strength of the supervisory framework relies on a unified approach to supervision which mitigates the scope for regulatory arbitrage.


However, risks to the outlook are tilted to the downside. Operations are concentrated in competitiveness 70 percentgovernance 17 percent and social development 13 percent.

The exchange rate does not appear to have been an important driver of manufacturing sector weakness.

In percent ofthe price. The economy has important and growing ties with the global economy. The banking system remained stable. To minimize any fiscal risks that could come on top of the outlays committed to the program, the authorities have added precautions by standardizing PPP contracts, supported by World Bank, IADB and IFC technical assistance.

They emphasized that continued efforts to enhance productivity is crucial to raise competitiveness. Also, the BdR has been working to identify government bonds issued abroad and held by residents, but the task has not been completed yet due to coverage issues.

The objective of the BR is to achieve efficient monetary policy normalization by means of a timely and gradual adjustment of the policy stance. Financial asset prices fell, price volatility co,ombia, traded volumes and market liquidity declined, and government debt spreads rose, especially between end-May and August, at the height of the market turbulence.

DANE is also responsible for price statistics.

The investor base is dominated by locals, but the presence of foreign investors is rising. The authorities consider the pre-crisis colpmbia ratios as benchmarks, as these ratios proved invaluable in coping with the global financial crisis as a large external shock by maintaining market confidence and the policy space to adjust to balance of payments pressures. Economic growth accelerated in recent quarters, averaging 4.


In both cases, prices recovered their losses in subsequent months. As a result of its important linkages with the rest of the world, the Colombian economy is significantly exposed to external risks.


The creation of a national financial institution specialized in infrastructure financing FDN. After the announcement of the tapering by the U. On the domestic front, the main risks relate to high growth of house prices and consumer credit, as well as contingent liabilities from public-private partnerships PPPs. Inflation stood within the target range, job creation was robust, and unemployment fell to the lowest level in over a decade.

Informe Colombia – FMI

Colombia has the third largest local currency government bond market in Latin America, after Brazil and Mexico. Such a consolidation is projected to be achieved primarily through expenditure restraint. As of Marchagreement has been reached on two of the five topics under discussion. These policies helped economic activity rebound strongly during the second half of the year.

In the second scenario, tighter financial conditions outside the U. The weakness of the manufacturing sector has raised concerns that the Colombian peso is overvalued. The report recommends 1 adopting a securities bill as proposed by the securities regulator Supevalores; 2 adopting international standards and creating an independent audit oversight board; 3 improving enforcement; 4 enhancing compliance monitoring with the code of good governance; and 5 creating a director training organization.

Projected public pension balance, In percent of GDP. The supervisory framework is broadly effective, though there is scope for further improvement in some areas.