Noté /5. Retrouvez Inferno et des millions de livres en stock sur Achetez neuf Mandelbaum’s Dante will stand high among modern translations. In this superb translation with an introduction and commentary by Allen Mandelbaum, all of Dante’s vivid images–the earthly, sublime, intellectual, demonic. Inferno: The World of Dante What are considered the best translations of Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’? I suppose you could find the entire translation there.

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It turns out that it is a Longfellow translation. That link is to the hardcover that contains all three works, but even though that one is in my bookcase I never read it. Aug 03, Pages.

For a book such as this you could probably do a search and find that this question has popped up repeatedly before. His translation of the Divine Comedy especially Inferno and Purgatorio is one of my favorite translations of anything.

Not by wrath, but by laughter, do we slay. Ciardi’s notes are certainly more than adequate You can either try to get the sound right, and so lose out on the literal sense; or you can concentrate on the meaning, and miss out on the poetry, hoping, perhaps, to use your holiday Italian as a basis for understanding the original Tuscan while using a crib mandrlbaum the more arcane vocabulary.

Inferno by Dante | : Books

My first reading of Dante was in the classic John Ciardi translation which I still love. Read it Forward Read it first. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. Once, when I was a graduate student attending a party given by a professor of German, I met a young man who said he was studying Georgian, the language spoken by the natives of the Caucasus mountains.


I can’t give a lot of credence to recommendations by college professors with regard to preferred translations as they often are influenced by other circumstances such as which publisher has cut the best deal with the university. Having said that much, Ciardi was the translation of choice during my course on Western Literature.

What was I trying to achieve? I’ll second the Hollander version.

I’ve been wrestling with Dante for more than 20 years and haven’t read so much at one sitting as I have here. But I think that modern readers are attracted to Dante because they find in him what the modern world cannot offer: Praise “An exciting, vivid Inferno by a translator whose scholarship is impeccable.

Of Delicious Recoil http: I slightly prefer Musa over Hollander, plus his version is significantly cheaper. What were some of the challenges you faced as a translator, and what are you trying to achieve with this translation?

By crjs1 in forum Alighieri, Dante.

Best Translation of Divine Comedy

Eventually, of course, you will give up or grind to a halt. Come, let us slay the spirit of gravity! The Dante industry is unstoppable, and people can’t get enough of Hell.

A love for Dante, and maybe a clearer view of that great peak of intellectual and artistic achievement: Purgatorio is finished and ready to be printed.


For this translation rollicks along so fluidly that you will actually be able not only to read the poem but enjoy it.

Best Translation of Divine Comedy.

All times are GMT Xllen have been using Ciardi for years. I had picked up a copy of The Inferno at a bargain bin a few months back. Of course, this can be easily remedied by simply skimming the notes after each canto, as I did, picking out areas you were especially unclear on.

I quite enjoyed Mandelbaum Thank you for all of the suggestions and recommendations. English is a peculiar language, after all: LitFlash The eBooks you want at infefno lowest prices. Dante Alighieri was born in Florence, Italy in But details like that hardly matter.

Last edited by Venerable Bede; at Dante is difficult, period.

At last, a readable rendering of Dante

Mandelbaum uses blank pentameters, with weak and strong line-endings as scaffolding, and it sounds great – but it’s a way of making his life relatively easy. We are experiencing technical difficulties. I couldn’t tell which translation is allenn so I got most of them. So most people favour the Hollander translation?

Classics Dante Alighieri reviews. Allen Mandelbaum for me.