In the City by the Sea Kamila Shamsie’s debut novel is now the same age as her first protagonist, year-old Hasan, the only child of a lauded. Editorial Reviews. Review. ‘Lively, playful, provocative’ Anita Desai ‘A touching and engrossing In the City by the Sea – Kindle edition by Kamila Shamsie. Kamila Shamsie’s debut novel In the City by the Sea published in and eloquent, charming and quietly political novel is set in an unnamed city in Pakistan.

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Hasan shrinks into silent denial … and tragedy begets more tragedy as his idyllic existence crumbles. This innocently told story is not the most obvious way to respond to all that, but it works very well. Project Gutenberg 0 editions.

A Novel by Kamila Shamsie. Hasan and his best friend and neighbour Zehra are intelligent, observant children and make a charming pair – Hasan is imaginative and Zehra wise beyond her years. Title gives you feel that it will be something about the city and people in it which as not the case. Basically, if you asked, I would have no idea whether to recommend this book to you or not. One early summer morning, while lazing happily on the zea, Hasan shamaie a young boy flying a yellow kite fall to his death.

In the City by the Sea

While there are interesting bits in the novel, overall its too much of philosophy that’s too coming from a child makes very little sense. I really loved this. The themes of sadness, loss and vulnerability are clear in this tale. His beloved uncle, an opposition politiican, is arrested for treason and Hasan’s life is turned upside down. The English was bizarre, very old fashioned, difficult to understand. gy


And the rest of the book revolves around Hasan’s politician uncle being put under house arrest and then behind bars for treason. Very creative and imaginative. Padmavat by Purushottam Agrawal Book Review: At this stage, I know I may not like every book that Shamsie writes 3 stars isn’t a very good ratingbut I love the way she writes, and her prose is simply beautiful. She now lives primarily in London. Kamilaa if you mix it up with the imagination of an year-old, it becomes colorful and a peripatetic view.

In the city by the sea – Kamila Shamsie – Google Books

I for one wanted to give up on the book in between. But kxmila you mix it up with the imagination of an year-old, it becomes colorful and a peripatetic view. But it wasn’t exactly what I’d expected from the writer who gave me “Broken Verses”.

So basically, even though there is comfort in our share experiences, we clearly are progressing nowhere fast. The problem is that while reading, both the events jump back and forth, which may leave a reader confused and frustrated at times. Feb 20, Ayesha Amin rated it did not like it. So when something in the story ,amila and I cried, I didn’t cry alone, I had a shoulder to cry on. Three Daughters of Eve. Lovedddd this book; the plot, the analogies, the profound comical phrases.

You must log in to edit Common Knowledge data. But if that really were true, the last three months in this city would kamiila erased every trace of blackness from the sky.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. One early summer morning, while lazing happily on the roof, Hasan watches a young boy flying a yellow kite fall to his death. Shabd Studio Giving power to Words. I am very cuty I read this. This story is from a 11 year old boy’s perspective and the backdrop is in Pakistan. I loved the sensory detail in this book and it made me feel like I could visualise Karachi, despite having never been there.


Google Books — Loading They read that book first, and then feel disappointed with other books for not being as good and moving as Room. Books by Kamila Shamsie. With her writing, she compels the readers to visualise the tiniest bit of details and make use of their imagination.

Hasan is eleven years old. No library descriptions found.

Political nature of the country is tyrannical and everyone hates the President. Hasan and his family, and the rest of the inhabitants of this unnamed Pakistani city, must live with civil strikes and the resultant days off school and work, curfews and political unrest.

Everything is seen through the eyes of the eleven year old Hasan, who does not fully understand the politics and violence. Up on his roof one afternoon, enjoying his favorite pomegranate, Hasan cheers with great excitement as the sea breezes catch the ih kite of another young boy a few rooftops away.

In the City by the Sea by Kamila Shamsie

The contrast between his childlike imagination and mature conversations makes it hard to place Hasan down into his age group. Bh witty, and she can talk about an idea without using the name of the idea and pull you into her writing. Animals Marco Polo Saw: You will also find here what authors like Omar Shahid hamid do so liberally in novels: