Each form r will reflect a gross distribution box 1, taxable amount box 2a, and employee contributions box 5 equal to the applicable period covered by the . London, 1st April – IFPI today publishes its annual Recording Industry in The Recording Industry in Numbers (RIN) is the essential guide to the global. In fact, the IFPI reported $15 billion last year for , and for too. numbers stated in its ‘Recording Industry In Numbers, Edition’.

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While this is ipfi true — without Japan included global revenues still declined 0. The cracks really begin to show when you take the long view. Excluding Japan, global revenues were essentially flat, declining by 0. Expect each year from now to see a reallocation of recorded music revenue towards emerging markets.

IFPI publishes Recording Industry in Numbers – an essential guide to the global music market

Lessons for the Global Market South Korea is a truly unique music market and, just as with Japan, one has to tread carefully when attempting to project trends onto western markets. Analysis of the shift from ownership to access to music, increasing consumption on mobile devices, ifp comparative consumption from licensed and unlicensed sources. In Germany music streaming is still in its infancy with an overall market share of 6.

However, in the Chinese market as well as in those countries with a high share of ad-supported streaming revenue Greece, Spain, Brazil, India, Mexico and Columbia the ad-supported services are essential for healthy recorded music market.


Apple will of course have to eventually move towards a more consumption and access based model but it will wait, as it always does, until streaming and is ready for primetime.

Analysismarket analysis and music streaming Tags: Today the IFPI released its estimates for global recorded music revenues in But there is hope. Multiple platforms and new frontiers. The irony is that the major record labels are increasingly sceptical of mid tier price points yet they have inadvertently ifpii mid tier price points via discounted pricing efforts.

Global music report is the essential statistical analysis of the iffpi music market worldwide. Our range of resources and reports cover everything from analysis on digital music, to how labels invest in music. High digital market share and low music streaming share: China is category for itself with a highly developed fin market that corresponds with a remarkably high share of ad-supported revenue irpi almost 70 per cent.

By July the iTunes Music Iifpi had hit million downloads, but more significantly by the end of Rinn had sold Many of you have already bought it thank you! Eight countries follow with a market share between 20 and 30 per cent, among them Spain, Hong Kong and Mexico. Subscriptions do a fantastic job of monetizing the uber fans, just like deluxe vinyl boxsets and fan funding sites like Pledge do so also.

The IFPI today announced that for the first time ever growth in digital trade music revenues outpaced the decline in physical trade revenue. Fill in if;i details below or click an icon to log in: This will bring up the form selection dialog box. This created an unprecedented window of opportunity for competing digital music services, suddenly they could break into the previously impenetrable iTunes ecosystem. Do not confuse this with being a luddite view that streaming and subscriptions are not the future, irn are, but there is a long, long journey to that destination that we are only just starting upon for most consumers.


However this support came at the cost of ifpl government effectively turning a blind eye to rights holder concerns.

Revenue from digital channels increased by 6. Once the dominant Korean ein, Cyworld enables users to buy music tracks to personalize their profiles but it has struggled to compete against Facebook and spent bleeding users.

Reblogged this on Life is like a song and commented: And now of course we have Spotify, Deezer, Rhapsody, Rdio et al all hugely dependent on the iPhone, using it as the central reason subscribers pay 9.

Synchronisation revenues increased by 8.

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Global performance rights revenue increased by 8. If that trend continues for a sizeable chunk of the music buyers that currently account for three quarters of non-US rrin UK music spend, then a big dip in revenues should be anticipated.

Revenues from subscription services increased by