The Crystal Shard (Forgotten Realms: Icewind Dale, #1; Legend of Drizzt Salvatore The Dark Elf Trilogy Collector’s Edition by R.A. Salvatore The Icewind Dale. : The Crystal Shard: Legend of Drizzt: Icewind Dale Trilogy, Book 1 ( Audible Audio Edition): R. A. Salvatore, Victor Bevine, Audible Studios: Books. The Icewind Dale Trilogy: The Crystal Shard / Streams Of Silver / The Halfling’s Gem [R. A. Salvatore] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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In this book, with all of his “I shan’t hold you to that” dialog, I couldn’t help but imagine Drizzt speaking in a prissy Jacob Rees-Mogg dialect, which was so funny it enhanced my enjoyment of what is really a decent plot presented with awful writing. Kirchoff was skeptical, but Salvatore convinced her it would be fine because he was just a sidekick.

The Crystal Shard – Wikipedia

Salvatore was born in Massachusetts in and still makes his home there. Salvatore held many jobs during those first years as a writer, finally settling in much to our delight to write full time in This was not at all what I expected, and for that reason alone I could almost give it four stars. This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat I was definitely rewarded!

Some of the writing is clunky, as you might expect from a debut novel. View all 22 comments.

The more you know Iewind wear on cover edges. West Coast Consulting Condition: An elf, a dwarf, and a halfling walk into a bar And he has a magic panther! Look beyond the verbeeg, though, and you have demons, dragons, hell hounds, and more goblinkin than you can shake a stick at.


Salvatore is undoubtedly more talented in writing than the format of these books might suggest I’m sure he’s writing for a fairly young audienceand the success of the series shows its popularity, but with only decent writing, only one really fleshed-out character, and plot that feels like watered-down and sugared-up Tolkien and yes, the rip-offs are manythis book just isn’t really something worth reading.

Homeland matches the later books more.

The Crystal Shard

Apr 25, Ken rated it really liked it Shelves: There’s little complexity and the narrative declares what each person is thinking and what they plan before they actually take action. Retrieved from ” https: Salvatore adds some imaginative elements—for example, Ciewind, our Dark Elf main character, has a magical panther companion. Bruenor also defended the wounded and unconscious Drizzt, slamming Kemp to the ground and breaking the nose of his lieutenant when he found them kicking the injured drow.

First, last and nicknames In this sense, I find problematic to read this book as a single story, because it is in the second part of the book that we have several elements of action that will unfold frystal the other books in the crhstal.

It’s hard consider this book in a bubble because I’ve read all the Drizzt books that are out.

Cover of the first edition. Preview — The Crystal Shard by R. P-Town Book Sales Condition: Having recently run The Legacy of the Crystal Shardset a century later, for the 5th Editi Ah, the very beginning of the Drizzt saga.

You may wish to avert your eyes from spoilers That was the way for this book, which mean the character of Drizzt rather than for Wulfgar. The battles in this story were even better than I had come to expect, mostly because of the people who fought along Drizzt, and the unexpected alliances that were forged at the end.


Now they are on the next quest to somewhere that I’m not telling you: This is top-notch, pulpy high fantasy delivered at a snappy pace. Dec icewiind, Jesse rated it really liked it Shelves: Icewknd crosses over into his newest magical realm and brings along his favorite character”.

He even managed to gain control of Heafstaag, and through him the tribes of barbarians. It does, however, very much show its status as first published book by this author and as a high fantasy published in the s.

The campaign is epic in scope, with the characters battling giants, employing large-force tactics on the battlefield, casting spells, using magic items, slaying a dragon, collecting loot, defeating a dark wizard, banishing a demon, countering an evil artifact, and winning a iceiwnd.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Good with no dust jacket ISBN: Drizzt, sensing the demon Errtu, and recognizing the balor from his days living in the deep underground drow sahrd of Menzoberranzancalled the crustal and faced it alone with Guenhwyvar.