This is the official Motorola ic Buzz User Guide in English provided from the manufacturer. If you are looking for detailed technical specifications, please see. iDEN ic WITH CDMA USERS MANUAL 1 details for FCC ID AZFT made by Motorola Solutions, Inc.. Document Includes User Manual. Nextel ic user manual by EllenWatson Issuu. September 18th, – Save this Book to Read nextel ic user manual PDF. eBook at.

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Motorola software may only be copied into, used in, and redistributed with, the Products associated with such Motorola software.

Service and Repairs Go to www. To join a Talkgroup: Use of Non-Motorola Products and Accessories. Page 40 Your phone is equipped with a Location feature for use in connection with location-based services page Please check with the manufacturer of your TTY device to ensure that it supports digital wireless transmission.

To view Call History entries for phone calls: To answer a Call Alert: Send Message to send ic50 text message to the number.

Downloading Premium Services Content With data services and your new phone, you have access to a dynamic variety of Premium Service content, such as downloadable Games, Ringers, Screen Savers, and other applications. Various accessories are available for use with your ic phone, including a higher capacity battery with a larger battery doorcases, vehicle power chargers, data cables, hands-free accessories, and more.


Printed in the U. By using the Roaming menu option, you can determine which signals your phone accepts. Save to save information from a Walkie-Talkie call.

Making Talkgroup Calls To make Talkgroup calls: Entering Text Entering Text Selecting a Character Input Mode Your phone provides convenient ways to enter words, letters, punctuation, and numbers whenever you are prompted to enter text for example, when adding a Contacts entry or when using SMS Text Messaging.

Call with ID 4: Speak directly into the mouthpiece. When you access the browser, a screen is displayed with two choices: Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Wireless TTY calls to may be corrupted when received by public safety answering points PSAPs rendering some communications unintelligible. List Menu shows the main menu as a list of icons and names.

Press Done left softkey to save the membership. Enter the Walkie-Talkie number you want to send the To hear a ringer, press Listen right softkey.

Don’t have an account? If you wear the mobile device on your body, always place the mobile device in a Motorola-supplied or approved clip, holder, holster, case, or body harness.

You can continue to make calls from your phone when Call Forwarding is activated. View Contact to view the Contacts entry of the caller. Missed Phone Calls Missed phone calls are forwarded to voicemail. Your phone is turned off. Press Options right softkeyselect Edit, and press Use your navigation key to scroll right to the tab with the Add Picture and Assign Ringer options.


Index of /p/pe1hwo//icom/ic/manual

These ratings are not guarantees of compatibility. Change Lock Code 3: Turn on your phone.

Page 18 encounter security messages, call Nextel Customer Service at If your phone is not activated, please call Nextel Customer Service at Your phone reminds you of the date when it occurs. Your phone is compatible with select TTY devices.

Motorola ic502 Buzz Manual / User Guide

The browser reloads the current Web page. Registration is for U. Press iic502 chronological order, with Walkie-Talkie calls and Answering Walkie-Talkie Calls When you receive a Walkie-Talkie call, your phone emits a chirping sound kc502 vibrates, and the Walkie-Talkie button lights up. Service Features Section 3 Service Features Motorola ic Phone Manual pages. If you have activated Net Guard, you are prompted to confirm the connection. Page Highlight each entry you want to include in the Distribution List and press check mark appears next to each selected member.

Safety And General Information Your Motorola mobile device is designed to comply with local regulatory requirements in your country concerning exposure of human beings to RF energy.