I Chose Freedom is melodramatic in title only. It is the work of an average communist party member during the Stalin era. Kravchenko was a technocrat who. VICTOR KRAVCHENKO: I CHOSE FREEDOM- THE PERSONAL AND POLITICAL LIFE OF A SOVIET OFFICIAL Translator: P├ęter Konok A few years ago the. Raymond Arthur Davies argued in Soviet Russia Today, a journal published by the American Communist Party that Kravchenko “chose freedom to advocate.

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Victor Kravchenko (defector)

This page was last edited on 18 Decemberat Kravchenko wrote a memoir, I Chose Freedoma best-seller both in the US and Europe, containing extensive revelations on collectivization in the Vctor Unionthe Soviet prison camp systemand the use of penal labor which came at a time of growing tension between the Freeddom Union and the West. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Manhattan, New YorkUnited States. It made me think, “God bless America!

Feb 07, Jan Mech rated it it was amazing. I chose freedom, despite it’s dreadful cover and the smell of dust emanating from my copy, was such a powerful book. It doesn’t bring any new information on the situation in the Soviet Union, but it does point out a lot of the Soviet bureaucracy as well.

If the worker queued to see the doctor it could make them late for work, if the dorctor then said they were fit for work, then they were in for forced labour in Siberia or worse. WriterEngineer.

Upon this he then chos Really, nobody has read this? Really, nobody has read this? I read this book after it was mention by Doris Lessing inher autobigraphy.


Anna rated it it was amazing Jun 13, Unfortunaztely I can also quite believe that the story has been sanitised to an extent for the mass market. Please note – I read an abridged version fredom the book – only pages not Also a great description of how the slow realisation of Kravchenko about the true nature of Stalin’s regime. The Americans refrained from any criticism towards the Soviet Union, because of the Soviet sensitivity. Despite these doubts Kravchenko stays in the party – indeed, what choice did have, you don’t leave the party.

And the book continues to describe the years of Stalin’s purges cleansing the Soviet Communist Party from withinforced labour camps, child forced labour Oct 12, Fred rated it it was amazing. Nov 12, Mohamed Fares rated it it was amazing. But he also describes how krravchenko his position he has all the responsibility and no ability to share his load downwards. If you were not a witness, I’d cuose your head off! Recommended in footnote of other reading. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Victor Kravchenko: I Chose Freedom

Kravchenko was one of the first defectors from the Soviet Union, persecuted, he killed himself in the USA. In a convincing case, Kravchenko’s lawyers presented witnesses who had survived the Soviet prison camp system, including Margarete Buber-Neumannthe widow of German Communist Heinz Neumannwho had been shot during the Great Purge.

I Chose Freedom by Victor Kravchenko. Kravcbenko describes how he became involved in the communist party and eventually became a most trusted member of the Soviet govenment. Retrieved from ” https: The two half-brothers were reunited in Arizona in at an emotional press conference. The court ultimately ruled that Kravchenko had been unfairly libeled, and was awarded only symbolic damages. Here Kravchenko sees his chance to get away.


Victor Kravchenko (defector) – Wikipedia

Victor KravchenkoSergo Ordzhonikidze. Dec 25, dina rated it it was amazing. Trivia About I Chose Freedom. Return to Book Page. Valentin applied for political asylum in America after discovering that his half-brother Andrew lived there the other American son, Anthony, had died in He is sent to oversee the aquisition of products under the agreeement, freeddom after seven months, manages to defect. Lina Kravchenko rated it it was amazing Oct 10, The translation is very good such that it kravchenki reads like a novel.

The editing and the language is worthy of a great novel I don’t say that lightlybut it is entirely a true story, feverishly written in the months after the escape. Jan 15, Jerianna rated it it was amazing. Viktor Andreevich Kravchenko Ukrainian: The closed society was very good at turning their own people against each other and creating such an environment of fear that nobody would dare speak out against the most insidious decisions from Moscow. An enthusiastic Communist Party of the Soviet Union member who joined the party inKravchenko later became disillusioned by witnessing the effects of collectivization while working in the steel mills of the Donbass region in his native Ukraine, and his personal mistreatment during the Great Purgealthough he ultimately managed to avoid arrest.

Mar 21, Kateryna Martynenko rated it it was amazing Shelves: It was perhaps here, that Kravchenko has his forst doubts about the party as he saw for himself that collectivisation had a result of famine and death.