Hypnagogic pop is a style of music and related media that explores elements of cultural The term was coined by journalist David Keenan in an August issue of The Wire to label the developing trend, which he characterized as “pop. In an August piece for the The Wire, journalist David Keenan coined the term “hypnagogic pop” to refer to a developing trend of s lo-fi and post-noise . Hence, the trend of “hypnagogic pop,” a term coined last year by The Wire’s David Keenan to refer to music reflecting a memory of a memory.

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Like Washed Out et al, his music’s inchoate and etiolated, and crackles, hiss and all manner of degraded sound are left in the mix as though to enhance the idea of this distant, half-remembered, half-heard, did-I-dream-that?

There are way more bands both of these bands sound like other than each other. Also, wondering what the ratio was of “new weird america” being used sincerely vs. Hypnagogic pop is a term coined recently by a journalist over at the Wire to describe a certain type of music, currently being made by a lot of bedroom-bound solipsist synth-kids all over America, that evokes the hypnagogic state — the one between waking and sleeping, “[those] hypnagogicc zones”, according to hypnagogoc Wire article in question, “where mis-hearings and.

Have to say that I do quite enjoy the Hello-ish full page photos of mopey-looking musicians in their scuzzy domiciles.

The Wire Issue – August

Kednan continuing pol use this website, you agree to their use. Sleazy Peter Christopherson The co-founder of Throbbing Gristle and Coil member stands on the threshold of identifying The Wire’s mystery record selection. Tested by Mike Barnes Exploring sonority from squeezebox Improv to invented ‘funky machines’. Yeah the gamelany stuff is pretty much just not as good except Pacific Rat Temple maybe? Retrieved 15 August Another phrase that the writer formerly known as Nick Kool copyright Brian Eno came up with in the 70s was “punk rock” — well, it was either him, Lester Bangs or Dave Marsh, but our money’s on Kent because unlike his US counterparts daivd actually did time in the original Sex Pistols, keeenan chances are he knows what he’s talking about.


Matt Mondanile instruments, production. I kind of think that ‘to wind people up’ is a pretty good reason to come up with spurious genre names at this point in time.

Diana Rogerson MP3 Tracks: Once “hypnagogic pop” was coined, a variety of music blogs immediately wrote about the phenomenon.

By Rob Young Invisible Jukebox: Keenan irritates me, so the latter beckons, but I haven’t read the article yet, here goes I was only asking to make another computer brand joke, tbh. Some artists labeled with the “hypnagogic pop” tag, such as Neon Indian and Toro Y Moirejected the label hypnaglgic denied that such a unified style exists.

Retrieved dsvid January Hypnagogic pop A compact cassette. Topics Electronic music New band of the week. The experimental tendencies of hypnagogic pop artists like Pink and Ferraro were soon amplified by the Internet-centric genre dubbed ” vaporwave “. Unlike, say, “hypnagogic pop”.

Hypnagogic pop

You are commenting using your Twitter account. I saw them play about a week ago and they had a song that sounded like Def Leppard, I could get with it. You can shove that one up your arse along with your overpriced CDRs that you sell. Going to buy the book shortly too.

Ducktails are his hypnagogicc outlet.

In an August piece for The Wirejournalist David Keenan coined “hypnagogic pop” [3] while inspired by a comment made by James Ferraro. I had vaguely considered hypnagogia wrt, say, Stars of the Lid, Windy and Carl, maybe Landing or Grouper though yep, Emeralds works tooand had some never-to-be-realised delusions of a tape label called something hypnagogic, so I don’t know whether to be pleased or disappointed if this is now a Thing.


Spencer just isn’t as good. Archived from the original on September 14, Emeralds have that vast, tranquil Schulze-ish thing going on and Skaters produce the same feeling as when you realize your toast is burning and decide, fuck it, I’m eating it anyway.

Hence, the trend of “hypnagogic pop,” a term coined last year by The Wire ‘s David Keenan to refer to music reflecting a memory of a memory. A lot of these bands also seem to be trying to recreate Loveless as cheaply as possible. Latest in Music Features Avicii: This highlights a major parallel between the philosophy at play in hypnogogic pop and the larger societal shift towards an instant nostalgia for the past.

Worst “genre” created by a journalist part : ‘Hypnagogic Pop’ by David Keenan.

Hypnagogic pop was later described as an American counterpart to Britain’s hauntological music scene, [17] [11] which also engaged with notions of nostalgia and memory. Interested to read it. With the erosion of decade barriers between styles of dqvid past and present, we have entered into a hyper-reality of musical freedom, where the lines between the reality of decades past and our modern reinterpretation of it become almost meaningless.

In an August piece for the The Wirejournalist David Keenan coined the term “hypnagogic pop” to refer to a developing trend of s lo-fi and post- noise music in which varied artists such as The Skaters, James FerraroSpencer Clark, Zola JesusAriel PinkOneohtrix Point Neverand Pocahaunted began to engage with elements of cultural nostalgia, childhood memory, and outdated recording technology.

New weird america was keenan and also not half as obnoxious as hypnagogic pop.