View and Download President HR owner’s manual online. 10 Meter Amateur Transceiver. HR Transceiver pdf manual download. Also for: Hr View and Download PRESIDENT HR user manual online. 10 Meter Amateur Mobile Transceiver. HR Transceiver pdf manual download. PRESIDENT LINCOLN (HR ) MODS by Roger Perales ~ perales Conversion of this text from html format to PDF by Frank TomeŇ°.

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An increase of 5 or 10 watts just isn’t enough to notice under most conditions. Sure enough, the USB carrier oscillator frequency is different in the two radios! Bohuzel dost trpi na koncovy hg2510 – taky dost zere a topi. Rh2510 solution to the problem was to drill several small holes in the top and sides of the LCD holder for cooling. This seems to have been a major design screwup on Uniden’s part.

Please include My web address somewhere on your site as well. Remove the four screws from the bottom cover and remove the cover. I have not tried this mod, If anyone else has, please let me know the results. To modify this, locate R96 a 2.

Locate the 3 tuning coils on the front left corner of the main PCB. Hr25510 HERE for a good explanation of power amplifier classes of operation; this description discusses tube amplifiers, but the concepts are the same for solid-state amplifiers. I am looking forward your reply. The next question becomes ‘Can an HTX filter be transplanted into a for better performance? Use a 10k ohm resistor if you only use the internal speaker.


Uniden HR Service Manual

Pin 3 is the lead closest to the back of the radio. The Mic uses ground to activate the 5 Khz step control of the Up or Down buttons.

Replace the covers and the screws, you should now have between 50 and watts on SSB. A sweep test of the audio chain from the collector of Q to the speaker showed an overall response of about Hz to Hz.

Anyone who has opened a has noticed the melted plastic of the LCD holder around the display lamp. It comes with a complete manual and installation instructions. VR Adjust VR for Connect the manuual to TP1.

Jump out both resistors with wire. Solder the other end of the resistor to the Emitter leg of Q The following modification will allow you to fix that oversight. Install a small ceramic capacitor between the long lead of Mznual and ground.

I plan on leaving it in. The engineers that designed the thing probably have more education mahual resources to do the job right than you or I. I do not support or encourage any sort of illegal 11 Meter operations.

Lincoln mods homepage Date sent: A scope is also the best way to set the ALC. It uses all the existing switches and buttons. Remove the cover on the speaker side of the radio.

With the radio right side up, it will be found in the front right-hand corner of the PCB. This was caused by the use of switching diodes across the IF crystal filter in this mod. Please send yr2510 your web pages in html format or if you have it in some word processor writed and the pictures in the gif or jpeg format. Sat, 11 Apr If you have access to a scope, the radio can easily be broadbanded for better performance in this new frequency range.


That may help in your conversion.

Find J, located on the top left corner of the Microprocessor board. The connector on the main PCB is a 5 wire connector. I reasoned that thebeing an ‘allmode’ mnual with AM included, may use the common CB radio design practice of having a wider ‘compromise’ IF crystal filter to improve the RX audio response on AM.


The Chipswitch does this internally. Feel free to mirror my site. This mod was originally written by M. Connect the Cathode to Pin 3 of the Mic plug.

Chipswitch can be ordered by Phone directly from the manufacurer, there address is: You will find 2 resistors, one on pin 4 and the other on pin 5.

If you operate a lot of AM, however, this mod may not be for you. You get memories, repeater splits, and 12 Meters too!

President HR2510 Owner’s Manual

Adjust ment Remarks Mode: The worst offenders seem to be the ones that resemble a cigarette carton with a heatsink on the hrr2510 avoid these like the plague.

The center coil is labeled L, adjusts LSB. But how can this be? Check your work and make sure you did not short anything out and that you placed the capacitor in the right place. This is a 3 pin transistor bolted to the left side of the case next to VR