The HP A is capable of making highly accurate measurements. In order to .. you should use manual range to get to the lowest range possible for the. Hp A Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hp A User Manual. View and Download HP A user manual online. A Multimeter pdf manual download.

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To rack mount two instruments side-by-side, order lock-link kit and flange kit Repair workflow Image 4: Don’t have an account? The delay is determined by function, range, integration time, and ac filter setting. This means all electrolytic capacitors must be replaced, no questions asked. Digital Multimeter Model Number: In this example, you will turn off the front-panel beeper.

That is likely due to absence of fan or vent holes anywhere in the chassis.

File:HP A User – Mindworks

The HP A is designed and tested to meet performance better than mean 4 sigma of Page Index menu power-line fuse examples, factory configuration, 14 odd parity, 93 overview, 3 installation, 15 offset null measurements messages displayed, 30 power-line noise, rejecting, description, 38, 65 quick reference, power-line voltage front panel, 38 tree diagram, 29 factory setting, 14 functions allowed, 63, messages displayed Page 75 Chapter 3 Features and Functions Triggering External Triggering In the external trigger mode, the multimeter will accept a hardware trigger applied to the Ext Trig terminal.

In no event shall the author, xDevs. Page of Go. Index diode beeper control, 88 DATA: Chapter 3 Features and Functions Triggering External Triggering In the external trigger mode, the multimeter will accept a hardware trigger applied to the Ext Trig terminal. SCPI users, see page Chapter 7 Measurement Tutorial Measurement Tutorial Chapter 3 Features and Functions Triggering Trigger Delay You can insert a delay between the trigger signal and each sample that follows.


Make sure the multimeter is in the dc voltage function with 5 digits of resolution displayed.

Bits in the summary registers are not latched. Calibration was referenced to measurement results of my Keithley which was calibrated in February by Tektronix, and is most accurate meter I currently have up to date Few photos of calibration steps for hp4401a understanding. Don’t show me this message again.

Banana input terminal jacks are custom-made parts, with big solid copper tube sockets bent and soldered directly to motherboard. Then, rotate the handle to the desired position. Specify the resolution in the same units as the measurement function, not selects the smallest value accepted, which gives in number of digits. Whether you are operating the multimeter manusl the front panel or from the remote interface, this chapter will be useful.

HP 34401A User Manual

Select either the slow or fast mode for each resolution setting. The multimeter is configured as a Data Terminal Equipment device. Chapter 3 Features and Functions System-Related Operations Beeper Control Normally, the multimeter will emit a tone whenever certain conditions are met from the front panel. HP A Replaced components locations.

The multimeter sets bit 4 when the first reading hp3440a occurs which can be TRIGger: The address is displayed at power-on. You should also understand how to make front-panel connections for the various types of measurements. Number Of Samples The reading is sent to the output buffer. Measurement Configuration Chapter 3 Features and Functions Measurement Configuration Measurement Configuration This section contains information to help you configure the multimeter for making measurements.

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Db Measurements Chapter 3 Features and Functions Math Operations dB Measurements Each dB measurement is the difference between the input signal and a stored relative value, with both values converted to dBm.

See the table for resolution on page Common Mode Errors Chapter 6 Application Programs The security code may contain up to 12 alphanumeric characters. Because of the capacitance between the input LO terminal and earth approximately pF for the HP Athe source will experience different loading depending on how the input is applied.

To Test Continuity Cause for this was again bad tantalum capacitors, C, C, C, C Both source and multimeter effects can degrade this ideal situation. Agilent A Multimeter — Product overview. You can use the following commands to make min-max measurements.

HP A USER MANUAL Pdf Download.

Chapter 3 Features and Ph34401a Triggering Number of Samples Normally, the multimeter takes one reading or sample each time it receives a trigger from the selected trigger source if the multimeter is in the wait-for-trigger state. The easiest way to program the multimeter for measurements is by using the MEASure? Page Verify that you have connected the correct interface cable and adapters.

Chapter 3 Features and Functions Math Operations Min—Max Operation The min-max operation stores the minimum and maximum readings during a series of measurements.