This item:Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution by Howard Rheingold Howard Rheingold is a leading authority on the social implications of technology. From Tokyo to Helsinki, Manhattan to Manila, Howard Rheingold takes us on a journey around the world for a preview of the next techno-cultural shift-a shift he. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. The title of this book is a mild pun. People are Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution – Kindle edition by Howard Rheingold. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or.

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Will the architecture and regulation of the emerging wireless Internet be dictated by and empower a few large, highly centralized institutions such as corporations and governments, or will it favor the cooperative innovations of millions of citizens – howarf way the architecture and regulation of the wired Internet made the Web possible?

We have already seen pedagogical implications of mobile technology in students using the rheimgold capabilities of portable picture capable devices to cheat on exams. But, it still bothers me. A husband invented it because his wife collected Pez dispensers and wanted to exchange with others.


Why subscribe to a paper newspaper when the technology to get information in your portable device is here, is improving, is more timely and is more compelling than print? Retrieved from ” https: It was such a fun read. This is the one that got me into Moblogs – mobile blogs – and I landed on Textamerica. Rheingold always manages to stay at the cutting edge of emergent media and the exciting developments in the realm of digital collaboration.

A forerunner to the idea can be found in the work of anarchist thinker Kropotkin, “fishermen, hunters, travelling merchants, builders, or settled craftsmen came together for a common pursuit.

Smart mobs sometimes are manipulated by the dispatchers who control the ‘mobbing system’ i. The most powerful opportunities for human progress are rooted not in electronics but in understandings of social practices.

This is a nice exploration of the phenomenon, its technological origins and implications for the future. An important book in understanding the origins of participatory culture. In this timely—if at times overenthusiastic—survey of wireless communication devices, Rheingold The Virtual Community conveys how cell smar, pagers and PDAs are shaping modern culture.


Proof of this book’s prescience and relevance exist in the fact that I am publishing this review to an open forum, without monetary gain on multiple online social networks. We have a grown daughter and two dogs that we pamper. Trivia About Smart Mobs: Howard Rheingoldin Mobiilijoukot olikin mielenkiintoista luettavaa.

Remember the Flash Mob craze?

Smart mob – Wikipedia

Interesed about this book. I enjoy reading about some of the clever adaptations utilized by phone companies in other countries to make users more likely to utilize their cell phones for practically every aspect of their lives. Dirt-cheap microprocessors embedded in everything from box tops to shoes are beginning to permeate furniture, buildings, neighborhoods, products with invisible intercommunicating smartifacts.

A number of new technologies make smart mobs possible and the pieces of the puzzle are all around us now, but haven’t joined together yet. Point your device at a street sign, announce where you want to go, and follow the animated map beamed to the box in your palm; or point at a book in a store and see what the Times and your neighborhood reading group have to say about it.

Rheingold over and over makes the point that we need to not think of portable devices as cell phones, he says we need to think of them as remote controls for life.

Mar 10, Xhekson rated it it was amazing. No trivia or quizzes yet. There is a tendency to keep the dynamics of smart mobbing ‘covert’, and not to discuss such incidents on the internet. A great deal of info and resources, articles, videos, can be found on my website, which I will list here. It was published smaetbut can be viewed as a forecast for the current social networks trend. Today, at least for local, neighbourhood or small community networks, the technology no longer requires control of the frequencies.

The difference between flash and smart mobs is primarily with regards to their duration: Wireless networks show that communication bandwidth can be pooled. Could this be because our socialization skills were developed in a pre-silicon era? The number of people attending has grown, into over 10, That power struggle is what the battles over file-sharing, copy protection, regulation of the radio spectrum are about.


The protest grew quickly, and Estrada was soon removed from office. Rheingold focuses on specific ways technology is drastically changing for the better the ways in which we communicate, but glosses over the possible negatives. And demonstrators in Seattle and Manila relied on wireless telephones to coordinate their actions and rheinvold barricades. For instance, in Tokyo, crowds of teenage fans would assemble seemingly spontaneously at subway stops where a rock musician was rumored to be headed.

Are the populations of tomorrow going to be users, like the PC owners and website creators who turned technology to widespread innovation? I’ve been a writer my entire adult life, starting at age 23, although I do a lot of other things, teaching at Stanford among them.

There are the dangers as well as opportunities concerning smart mobs. Read this book to get a great feel for where things were headed This is the one that got me into Moblogs – mobile blogs – and I landed on Textamerica. Views Read Edit View history. May 21, VeerChand rated it it rheimgold amazing.

Individuals who have divergent worldviews and methods have been able to coordinate short-term. Howqrd stuff but now dated.

Millions of people who lend their computers to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence are part of it. Jul 31, L.

Exley wrote in December that the self-organized protests “demonstrated that a fundamental rbeingold is taking place in our national political life. The invited guests wear only white clothes and gather at a chosen spot, knowledge of which they have only a short time beforehand.

Feb 14, Srav Chag rated it did not like it.