“Understanding Posology in Classical Homoeopathy” revised third international edition. By Farokh J . History of High Potency in Homoeopathy (p). On the. Introduction. Posology (from the Greek, posos, how much) mean the science or doctrine of dosage. Posology is the study of Law of Dosage. How have the concepts of homeopathic posology evolved with Hahnemann and over history to our current understanding on the subject.

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If you need the remedy frequently, you may need to order more of it.

Homeopathy Posology – |

Nature of Disease — Seat of disease, Nature of disease, Stage of disease. What factors determine the susceptibility? The homeopaths in the world prior to followed the 4th or 5th edition of the Organon of Medicine, which taught the centesimal method of administering remedies.

These days I am using 6 to 8 pellets for most adults, as I find people tend to relapse too early when I use fewer pellets. When you come close to the end of the stock bottle, please send me an e-mail to let me know. After taking a remedy there is usually an initial reaction period that can last several weeks or months, depending upon how deeply rooted a symptom is. LM Potencies and Homeopathic Posology In I worked extensively posologu LM Potencies, also known as Quin potencies or 50 millesimal potencies, and it has forced me to reexamine the way I have been prescribing centesimal scale hoemopathic.

I have no idea. These days I often prescribe the lower range of the centesimal scale remedies, rather than the mid- range, as I would have in the past, and my clients are often healing without any aggravation at all.


Different people need different dosage quantities depending upon their sensitivity to the remedy. A lot of yomeopathic understanding comes from experience, or the teachers you have been influenced the most by. Habits and environment also play a part: These remedies need to be repeated with as much care and caution as when working homeolathic centesimal scale remedies.

The FDA requires this information to be printed on the bottles, but it is overdosing for homeopathic remedies. LM Potency stock bottles and remedy bottles.

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posologj Once we have identified the two or three symptoms that we are using as markers, we watch these symptoms for evidence of relapse. He believed that you should not interrupt a dose that is still active.

It is best to take the remedy at the time of the day when you feel at your best. My goal is to identify two or three symptoms that we can use as markers that will help us determine when you should repeat the remedy.

LM Potencies and Homeopathic Posology

When someone is highly sensitive they can overreact to the smallest stimulus, and can detect even a drop difference in the amount of the remedy given. The remedy will begin to cycle through your repertoire of symptoms while it looks for what it needs to work on. If the right amount is given they can experience gentle healing.

It usually takes people about four weeks to figure out exactly how best to take the remedy, so there is a learning curve. I ask powology to swish the liquid in their mouth for 15 to 20 seconds before swallowing each spoon.


I have a perspective on posology that I did not have before, which I hope to continue to build on. He recommended altering the dose slightly when it is repeated. Susceptibility depends on the following factors:. You may also homeoparhic with me to make sure the time is right.

The three remedies given in the order shown have proven to be very effective in most cases homepathic croup. Discard the remainder of the liquid on the ground, or pour the liquid into a sealed container that you can dispose of at your convenience.

Please see Various Dosage Quantity Examples below to learn about adjusting the quantity you take to your needs. I learned a great deal by taking LM potencies myself, and learning about aggravations on LM potencies, and how to adjust homeoathic size of the dose, and the frequency of administration to minimize aggravations and maximize the therapeutic effects of the remedies. I will explain how to do that.

Most of the time he prescribed the 6C potency of the remedy, which would be considered very low in our day and age, and only toward the end of his life did he prescribe the 30C strength.