History Begins at Sumer has ratings and 33 reviews. Yann said: Dans ce livre, Samuel Noah Kramer met les écrits sumériens à l’honneur, plus qu’il ne. History Begins at Sumer. ThirtyNine Firsts in Recorded History. Samuel Noah Kramer. University of Pennsylvania Press. Philadelphia. Read the full-text online edition of History Begins at Sumer: Thirty-Nine Firsts in Recorded History ().

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That strikes me as extraordinarily odd Jan 06, Gavin White rated it liked it Shelves: For example, we ha I was disappointed with this book. He removed the inspector of the boatmen from the boats.

Pagexix Introduction The Sumerologist is one of the narrowest hjstory specialists in the highly specialized academic halls of learning, a well-nigh perfect example of the man who “knows mostest about the leastest.

Besides the translations tickle my ego a little bit and make the experience of reliving the past hidtory reading them that much more entrancing. Aratta will not submit to Erech’ — say unto him.

History Begins at Sumer | Samuel Noah Kramer

But the thought of preparing a connected history, prompted either by the love of learning or even by what we would term purposes of propaganda, never recorddd to occur to the Sumerian teachers and writers. See 1 question about History Begins at Sumer…. But the patient archaeologist digs deep and wide, and he never knows what he will come up with.

Lost civilization may have been beneath Persian Gulf At its peak, the floodplain now below the Gulf would have been about the size thirtyy-nine Great Britain, and then shrank as water began to flood the area. The diorite stele on which the code is inscribed now stands solemn and impressive in the Louvre. Urukagina and his refonns were soon “gone with the wind.

The following literal translation of the inscription as a whole firzts help to show how this was done, and at the same time give the reader some idea of the unusual historiographic style developed by the Sumerian men of letters: Your friend, your companion — you failed to appreciate him; why do you not emulate him?

The meaning of the remainder of the poem is not too clear, but it seems that Gilgamesh in some way hjstory in gaining the friendship of Agga and in having the siege lifted without a fight.

But the scribe who wrote this tablet divided it suner twelve columns. It is most useful, the father argues, for the poetic transmission of man’s experience.

Once domestic controls were in the hands of the palace coterie, its members were most unwilling to relinquish them, even in peacetime, for the controls proved highly profitable.


InTaha Baqir, the curator of the Iraq Museum in Baghdad, was digging in an obscure mound called Harmal, and he announced the discovery of two tablets inscribed Page 52 with an older law code. That’s what you told me. For they show that, even before B. As for our epic poem, it must be borne in mind that it is inscribed on tablets written begijs centuries after the incidents it describes took place — probably more than a thousand years after the Erech “congress” had met and adjourned.

The political situation that brought about the convening of the oldest “congress” recorded in history may be described as follows: One of these documents is outstanding for its fullness of detail and clarity of meaning. It was this new ishcikku, Urukagina by name, who restored law and order in the city and “established the freedom” of its citizens. The herald delivers the inscribed tablet to the lord of Aratta and awaits his answer. The reason for the particular ordering of tire objects listed is still obscure, but certainly it does not stem from a fundamental understanding of, or approach to, botanical, zoological, or mineralogical principles histry laws.

History Begins at Sumer: Thirty-Nine Firsts in Recorded History

While teachers probably encouraged their students, by means of praise and commendation, to do good work, they depended primarily on the cane for correcting the students’ faults and inadequacies. I guess I thought scribery would have more to say about cows and hay bales than about gods and heroes.

It was directed against the abuses of “former days” practiced by an obnoxious and ubiquitous bureaucracy, such as the levying of high and multifarious taxes and the appropriation of property belonging to the temple. Actually its secular ruler was the ishakku, who ruled the city as the representative of the tutelary deity to whom, in accordance with the Sumerian world view, the city had been allotted after hlstory creation.

History Begins at Sumer: Thirty-nine Firsts in Recorded History

But Entemena’s victory proved to be ephemeral. They roamed the streets and boulevards and loitered in the public squares, perhaps even in gangs, in spite of the fact that they were supervised by a monitor.

Ce texte commence par une conversation sur un mode plus ou moins amical. As it subtitle points out: Reading their real history, versus “Ancient Astronaut” history, does knock the Sumerians down from this lofty pedestal they’ve been put on, yet at the same time shows them to be an even more fascinating culture. The words which I shall relate to you, fear them and he on your guard because of them.


For if not for song poetry — like the banks of the sea, the banks of the distant canals, is the heart of song distant — you wouldn’t be listening to my counsel, and I wouldn’t be repeating to you the wisdom of my father.

The book presents a cross section of the Sumerian “firsts” in all the major fields of human endeavor, Which civilization had the first system of law? To help minimize the possible source of future conflict between Umma and Lagash, he set aside a strip of fallow land on the Umma side of the boundary ditch, as a kind of “no-man’s land.

Emulate your older brother. When did the first tax reduction take Page xx place?

History Begins at Sumer: Thirty-nine Firsts in Recorded History, page 1

Just how the earlier ishakku ‘ s came to power is uncertain; it may well be that they were selected by the freemen of the city, among whom the Page 46 temple administrators sanga’s played a leading political role. Cleared of its theological cloak and polytheistic dirsts, the document records the following series of political events in the history of Sumer they can be verified in large part from other extant sources: The great majority of these were excavated between and at Nippur, an ancient Sumerian site not much more than a hundred miles from modem Baghdad.

I cannot love this book as it evidences flaws that are admittedly common in the early writings of Biblical-Archaeologists. Un Ur-Nammu’s law code, see Chapter 8.

Choose a word- wise herald from. A scientific edition of its text, iin with a newly revised translation, appeared in 1 in the American Journal of Archaeology. If, for instance, “a poor man’s son laid out a fishing pond, no one would now steal its fish.

Its lands and properties formed one vast, hisory, and unbroken Page 49 estate. I feel they could teach us a thing or two II had evidently been shrewd enough to ”wait it out” while Entemena and Ur- Lumma were struggling for a decision.

Even the poor owned farms and gardens, houses and cattle. I would say this book could be pages length instead of pages. While it is not surprising that the Sumerian writers failed to inn the “modem” type of historiography, it does seem strange that even historical works of the kind current among the Hebrews and Greeks were unknown in Sumer.