Also available as TILEC DP | = .. Germany, the Remedies Advertising Act (Heilmittelwerbegesetz – HWG) were in. heilmittelwerbegesetz pdf MEDICINAL PRODUCTS ACT (The Drug Law) ( Arzneimittelgesetz AMG) Act on Advertising in the Field of Health (Health. Tag Archives: Heilmittelwerbegesetz. German court allows pharma company public promotional statements about Rx-drug to counter a “shitstorm” – a trend also.

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The FSA-Code of Conduct is even stricter and prohibits heilmittelwedbegesetz promise, offer or granting of gifts to healthcare professionals irrespective to product-related or non-product-related advertising.

According to the new Section 15a FSA-Code of Conduct, heilmittelwerbegeesetz companies may only provide healthcare professionals with: Global Legal Group Ltd. According to the new Section 15a FSA-Code of Conduct, member companies may only provide healthcare professionals with:. Therefore, the pure funding of a nurse or the costs of a laboratory nurse by a company might also become critical with respect to a medical institution, provided that this is not part of a proper contractual relationship.

In addition, if an advertisement shall only serve as a reminder of the medicinal product Erinnerungswerbung it does not need to contain the basic information on the medicinal product mentioned above or the invitation to seek the advice heilmittelwerbegeswtz a health professional.

What regulatory authority is responsible for supervising wholesale distribution activities? In principle, Section 7 HWG does not allow the offering or supplying of gifts or other benefits to patients. Moreover, it is possible that competitors will contact enforcement functions to initiate an investigation in addition to seeking incentive relief regarding deviant behaviour.

It is only permissible to refer to studies which are not considered in the SmPC if such studies are not contradictory to each other and meet certain scientific standards. Additionally, an action can be brought before the local administrative courts.

Heilmittelwerbegesetz | Inside EU Life Sciences

The interactions between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals or healthcare organisations are also restricted due to recommendations and codes of conduct of the relevant trade associations see question 1. If applicable, rating 20111 a prescription drug. According to these various rules, hospitality has to be reasonable and must not be offered to healthcare professionals or their associates to influence their prescribing and purchasing decisions or to renew products that have already been prescribed or purchased.


It is more likely that a competitor will apply for a preliminary injunction or initiate regular heilmittelwerbgeesetz proceedings if a pharmaceutical company fails to comply with the rules of the Advertisement of Healthcare Products Act Heilmittelwerbegesetz HWG see Question Is it permitted to provide consumers heilmittelwwerbegesetz free samples? The decision on granting the authorisation is taken by the competent federal higher state authority of the state in which the wholesaler is established.

The medicinal product in question is a finished medicinal product. Con irona mordaz, el gran autor ingls muestra una triste metfora para el futuro, muchas de cuyas predicciones se han materializado, la aceleracin, y, ms preocupante an es que, en los ltimos aos. However, decisions have objected to the general application heilmittellwerbegesetz such industry guidelines for non-members of the VfA.

These hheilmittelwerbegesetz requirements do not apply to advertising activities which are only aimed at healthcare professionals. They increasingly require the involvement of widely diverse institutions in the healthcare system. Although it is widely accepted that companies may inform the press about certain development milestones that have been reached, any promotional character in tone or in nature must be avoided see also questions 2.

Pharmaceutical Advertising 2018 | Germany

What are the legal pre-conditions for a drug to be distributed within the jurisdiction? Furthermore, they must be labelled as samples, i. As set forth above see question 4. In particularly serious cases, the arbitration board can publicly rebuke the pharmaceutical company. The applicant must fulfil certain criteria, such as being licensed to practise pharmacy and being sufficiently reliable to operate a pharmacy.

In addition to the abovementioned alternative prerequisites in i or iiit must make greater logistical sense to hold the event in another country. An exception may, however, be made where such information is not intended to promote the medicinal product itself, heilmittelwerbegesettz where it is necessary to understand the heklmittelwerbegesetz and financial position of the company, i. Are there rules on comparisons with other products that are particularly applicable to drugs?


Such items include inexpensive software-applications in particular smart phone apps which support diagnostic analysis and therapy of patients, as long as they are related to products and heilmittelwerbegrsetz of the member company.

Heilmittelwerbegesefz section 47 4 of the Medicinal Products Act Arzneimittelgesetz AMGthe number of samples per medicinal product and per health care professional is limited to two samples heilmittelwerbbegesetz year and can only be supplied in response to a written request.

Furthermore, problems could arise if information given to the press is used to publish disguised advertising or editorially designed advertising Schleichwerbungwhich is prohibited by the HWG. Therefore, the same rules as for other types of advertising apply.

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Choral Sheet music 2 Voices, piano Gioacchino Rossini: There is no legal requirement to disclose the transfer of values to healthcare professionals in Germany. Who is authorised to distribute prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs to consumers? Usually, competitors take action directly through the civil courts and seek to obtain injunctive relief against unlawful advertisements see questions 1.

As a general rule, the Professional Heilmittelwerbegesetz for Physicians in Germany 20011 the acceptance of any gifts or benefits by physicians that might influence their prescribing, or therapeutic decisions, or which could be considered as a reward for such previous decisions.

What kinds of marketing activities are permitted in relation to consumers and the products which may be advertised to them? Over-the-counter drugs can be mailed to patients worldwide, but the import regulations of the receiving country should be verified in advance. However, it can be argued that such rebates would be granted against the purpose of the AMPreisV view of the Federal Ministry of Health.

As long as the documentation effort for the particular physician remains within a timeframe of 15 to 20 minutes, a lump sum currently EUR Furthermore, enforcement authorities often demand documentary proof, which companies are heilmittelwerbeggesetz to provide in the requested format.