Haxe is a general-purpose language supporting object-oriented Unusual among programming languages, Haxe contains a type. Haxe is a feature-rich, high-level, Turing-complete programming language. It’s very generic, somewhat Java-like, but it also feels somewhat. While the modern programming language Haxe is well-known in some circles, many developers have never heard of it. Yet since it first appeared in

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Finally, type inference is supported, allowing for variable declarations without type annotations. Examples of parametric enum types are the Haxe standard library types Option [39] and Either: This solves our problem perfectly. langkage

If you are truly hardcore and my core is pretty much that of a Hostess Twinkie you can start messing with macros.

It also allows the programmer to choose the best platform for the job. The Haxe community could really use the help.

Introduction to Haxe

If you’re used to Java and Python, you’ll barely notice that it’s not whatever language you’re used to. Archived from the original on October 22, We can help you either directly, or by putting you in touch with a consultant that will be able to help you understand how your company can benefit from using Haxe. But again, perhaps overkill for your application?


AFAIK there’s no reason to ever open the emitted files. What state is it in? The Python just comes out Python. The unique thing about Haxe is it is that there is no Haxe compiler that turns out an executable, and no virtual machine, either. See the Haxe Language Features Introduction for a tour of some major language features.

Haxe – Wikipedia

Development of Haxe began in October In theory, you could modify the code haxe emits, languuage that would be perverse. Haxe is a general-purpose language supporting object-oriented programminggeneric programmingand various functional programming constructs.

The lowest possible languages is machine code and all languages compile into that eventually. The best way to do this is to provide developers with standard objects-beans — in the Java world — that emit and accept the JSON, but we don’t want to write and maintain the bean code in five languages as things languagge.

Currently, there are nine supported target languages which allow for different use-cases: Arduino and ESP32, etc. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The Cross-platform Toolkit

Most Haxe code is organized in classes and functionsmaking Haxe an object-oriented language reminiscent of Java, ActionScript 3 and C. The latest addition to the Haxe type system is a concept termed abstract types. The Haxe cross-platform toolkit comes with additional tools and features that can be used to develop and distribute cross-platform tools.


There is less chance of them being mangled that way, and comparing their comments to what Lnguage wrote gives useful contrast.

It’s got all the basic stuff with plenty of modern whistles and bells like closures and generics. Chapter 9 Using Haxe. In Expressions programmihg see how to actually get programs to do something by using expressions. The Java and Python targets work pretty much as you’d guess, but I’ll have to give CPP a try and lamguage back to this issue. Haxe can compile to an impressive number of different languages: I got some helpful responses from people who use Haxe on my Haxe performance forum topic.

Haxe: The ultimate cross-platform language – The freeCodeCamp Forum

Hi, I use Haxe for many years hax build large scale web applications. For us, it’s just a question of keeping the JSON consistent.

Type checking follows nominal typing with the exception of anonymous types where structural typing is used instead.

Read more about the Haxe Foundation or see more companies who are using Haxe.