Months after attempting to dispatch a child of the prophecy he didn’t know the entirety of, he finds himself remembering his life as Voldemort, as one Harry Potter. Great question. And I believe that he did trigger the encasing spell. I believe that the way horcruxes work is that one needs to be prepared to. The seventh part of his soul, however maimed, resides inside his regenerated In the Harry Potter universe, did anyone make a Horcrux before Voldemort?.

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Aug 13, Yatin Diwakar rated it it was amazing. ValorMay 11, Remember, Harry was the horcrux Voldemort never meant to make.

Horcrux | Harry Potter Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

FareliosMay 18, I don’t think he was ever aware of there being a horcrux in Harry. Sooo, I know that the mechanics of making a horcrux remain hidden and secretive, but one thing we do know is that some sort of object is required to hide the soul in. HP vs Himself Pt 3 Of course, if you’d rather we just leave now…”.

A New Beginning HP vs Love Pt 2 To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Very few books, even those revolving around the Dark Arts, would mention Horcruxes even in the slightest detail: They can bring their own or you can share your portion, but I won’t be responsible for harty Aunt Petunia said, her haughty demeanor returning. He wondered if Petunia’s obsessive need to clean was only a byproduct of her anxiety over cleaning up what she considered a huge mess.


Albus Dumbledore removed those fhe from the Hogwarts Library soon afterwards.

I’ll ask them to come and help me put it together. Nothing to do for it; he’d have to wait and see.

Under no circumstances are you to upset Dudley. Refresh and try again. Could it have been some unexplained bits of magic that Dudley had fought to suppress? Harry stepped back, grinning, and allowed them to enter. HP vs Love Pt 1 The baby watched the spell curiously. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Her dark eyes widened and she batted them at me.

Seventh Horcrux [HP, AU]

TekomandorMay 11, He wanted answers more than he wanted to comfort her, so he clenched his fists and fought to remain in his spot. Harry’s heart constricted at the mere thought of her, and he pressed his eyelids together as if to squeeze her from his thoughts.

What had already been a horrible day was rapidly getting worse. I need to give special thanks to some people who not only kept nudging me towards writing this, but offered wonderful support, advice and feedback, as well.

Tom’s paranoia against Dumbledore is hilarious. Remus Lupin Emerald Ashes. Seriously, who does that? So what if I liked to draw it out a bit? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.


Welcome to the Great Hall

Is this what’s got you acting like such a little girl? The piece unaccounted for was supposed to be the piece remaining in himself. Finally, realizing that Ron wasn’t going to add anything to that statement, Harry couldn’t contain his curiosity. Harry rolled his eyes.

Seventh Horcrux [HP, AU] | SpaceBattles Forums

I’d have preferred to avoid murder for a few more years, but desperate times call for desperate measures. He was even larger than Harry remembered, and his face looked tired and drawn. I supposed that made as much sense as anything. Did they ask you to come look at me?

I did like how ramshackle his initial rise was. Your review has been posted. I might have joined forces with dozens of horxrux fools and admitted cowards, but at least I was their leader and therefore best. NawafAstrobotJwarrior and 3 others like this. I had obviously vanished, and my followers had either been arrested or rejected me.

You’re just a reminder of the sister I wished I’d never had.