Harry Glantz, first trumpeter with many symphony orchestras, died of a chronic heart ailment Saturday in Bay Harbor, Fla. He was 86 years old. It is going around many Toscanini forums that had a sound Harry Glantz was THE trumpet sound to mimic for many years. Do they. Introducing: Glantz: ACB’s take on the classic Harry Glantz mouthpiece. For years and years one of the things I’ve always wanted to do here at ACB is to.

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He was the preeminent trumpet player of his day hands down. But I believe harrry Conn 4 and not sure of the other Conn sizes. I think that in four years of study I only once or twice heard him play his regular Bach C trumpet in a lesson. Glantz was born in and passed away in Hello Barbie,if I am wrong,I stand corrected. He helped me tremendously. Do you already have an account?


Harry Glantz – Wikipedia

trujpet If I had a mouthpiece that was actually played by him, there’s no way you could get me to give it up. The judge, considered for a moment, then proclaimed “I don’t care what harmonica band you’re with.

Glantz’s explanation for his offense, he explained that as a critical member of the New York Philharmonic he was obligated to get to the next broadcast as fast as possible.

He was part of my whole success. I doubt it’s worth much, but The story goes that Mr. Sections of this page. Mar 1, 5.

Harry Glantz (instrumentalist : trumpet) – Discography of American Historical Recordings

Normally, he would play on his old Conn 22B. I’ll trade you a factory 2nd for it. Mar 1, 4.

Charlie’s Brass Works Local Business. Not sure of the Glantz rim sizes either.

Harry Glantz mouthpiece

Glatz’s name engraved in it. Here is an ad for the Glantz mouthpiece.


Only a great story that Vacchiano used to tell me. The mouthpiece has Mr.

Thanks for your responses. Mar 1, 1.

Harry Glantz

In effect you are creating a temporary high note mouthpiece. Powell Trumpets Musical Instrument. I was very lucky to have Prager on galntz. Yes, my password is: Could I sell it and get a shiny new horn? I think they have been copied from the pre-war French Besson. Without a man like that it could have been a very difficult job.

They all know from the character of the music how to blow. Mar 1, 3. William Vacchiano on Equipment. Hammond Design Musical Instrument Store. He really played, and with such a great sound.