In order to apply for a HAMP loan modification, you will need to complete a Request for Modification Assistance (RMA) form with supporting. Under HAMP, the Treasury (pictured above) provides capped for modification and affidavit (RMA) form; the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). On March 30, HAMP released Updated RMA Form Now Available. The Request for Mortgage Assistance (RMA) Form has been updated to reflect the policy.

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It appears that the banks in that settlement are dumping their loans to companies like SPS.

Reap the Full Benefits https: HAFA is not guaranteed as not all lenders will be participating. They never said okay give me the down payment, they just sent me my TPP.

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Harsh rules leaving many homeowners in trouble. LOL Rememeber, the mod is suppose to be for struggling homeowners.

What is a Hardship Affidavit? A Question we get about HAMP

I have not filed a hanp with OCC yet. Not that I know of, but I am pretty sure they will not give you a Hamp with a substantial amount of money in the bank even though legally they cannot tell you that is the reason for denial.

You are only 5 months into this hot mess like most people here on this forum. Rmz of them do. The banking world being one of the largest cogs Submit a Comment Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. I almost think this namp is deliberate.


There are a lot of people on here that have resubmitted their application and finally afetr months or years have been approved. Thanks so much LO.

I did receive a check as part of that agreement. Many times these programs that we deal with for our clients change for the better but there are also certain Since I will be resubmitting within the next couple weeks, and my balances will be clearly visible within my 3 months of bank statements.

If you are concerned about posting information online and would like to directly contact someone please feel free to reach us at I know I did not have to resubmit during the TPP.

is 90 day document expiration real in a HAMP RMA process? | LoanSafe’s Mortgage & Real Estate Forum

Keeping the new questions in one thread regardless of the title of the question just helps us to formulate an answer for you without having to keep going back and forth between all of hampp threads. I posted the information in regards to reserves in one of your other threads. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

This is what they do. This has been 5 months so far! My monthly debt payments are excessive and I am overextended with my creditors. Thousands of Short Sales saved from Buyers dropping their offers!


Official Program of the U. I was first denied due to “docs not received” and when I escalated the denied “for income and saving is adequate”. My loan went from Chase to SPS. Many of our clients are receiving these days a Hardship Affidavit that seems like it is causing a storm of confusion. I hate to have to resubmit the entire RMA because they will not acknowledge that I did send the updated bank statements.

What is a Hardship Affidavit? A Question we get about HAMP – Mortgage Lender Report

Just as an fyi, it would help us if you kept each new question that you had in regards to the modification in one thread rather than beginning a new thread with each new question. This is in response to “not receiving updated bank statements” – which they actually did receive and I spoke with multiple “relationship managers” prior and after the denial letter that confirmed that the bank statements had been received.

I always looked at it as the ball is in their court until you receive your TPP. First of all, saving is not a requisite for receiving a Hamp, income is another story.