Kitāb-i mustaṭāb-i Kullīyāt-i (Collection of works from Hakim Sanai) contains poetic works of Abu al-Majd Majdud ibn Adam Sanai Ghaznwai (died circa ). Hakim Sanai. Those unable to grieve, or to speak of their love, or to be grateful, those who can’t remember God as the source of everything,. might be described. Browse through Hakim Sanai’s poems and quotes. 0 poems of Hakim Sanai. Still I Rise, The Road Not Taken, If You Forget Me, Dreams, Annabel Lee. Hakim.

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He is no tyrant: You who know nothing of the life that comes from the juice of the grape, how long will you remain intoxicated by the outward form of the grape?

sania You have broken faith, yet still he keeps his faith with you: He is your shepherd, and you prefer the wolf; he invites you to him, and yet you stay unfed; he gives you his protection, yet you are sound asleep: Toggle navigation World Digital Library. Non-existent even to the notion of becoming non-existent.

Bring all of yourself to his door: Modern collected works of Sanai are an outcome of a complex textual transmission stretching back centuries, during which their contents have changed in various ways, particularly in the order of poems, variant texts, and the numbers of verses.

How can you go forward? Be contented with your lot; but if you have any complaints, go and take them to the Cadi, and obtain satisfaction from him. This page was last edited on 19 Decemberat Why do you lie that you are drunk?

De Bruijn, Of Piety and Poetry: While mankind remains mere baggage in the world It will be swept along, as in a boat, asleep.


In His presence, silence is the gift of tongues. No evil ever comes from God; whenever you think to see evil proceeding from him, you were better to look on it as good. He introduced himself to us out of kindness: Time Does Not Exist Part 1 of 2.

Hakim Sanai

The man was Lai Khur and Sanai stopped to admonish him. Remain unmoved by hope and fear. While reason is still tracking down the secret, you end your quest on the open field of love. Donate We welcome your donations to keep this project thriving. Integral to this was love without which we are all lost and separated from God. Your haklm address will not be published. Most of his early works sanwi written in praise of the sultan but a great change came about when the Shah decided that he was going to invade neighboring India.

Collection of Works from Hakim Sanai – World Digital Library

Not one knows how far it is from nothingness to God. He knows what is in your heart; or he made your heart along with your clay; but if you think that he knows in the same way that you do, then you are stuck like a donkey in your own mud. Type of Item Books.

Lose yourself, and anything can be accomplished. Bosworth, The Later Ghaznavids At his door all are seekers and he the sought. The dumb find tongues, when the scent of life reaches them from his soul.

Delivering Poems Around The World. Influences Hakim Sanai influenced: His book of poetry divan contains some 30, verses. Despite his strong influence not much is known about his life and much is gleaned from hakik poetry which is often autobiographical.

Sanai was shocked and stopped. Man and his reason are just the latest ripening plants in his garden. This heap of dust is mirage, where fire seems like water.


Collection of Works from Hakim Sanai

From the Catbird Seat: Hakim Sanai Bio Born in Ghazni in the south of Afghanistan sometime during the eleventh century, Sanai is considered one of the most influential early mystics from the Persian region and author of The Walled Garden of Truth. Dedicated to Bahram Shahthe work expresses the poet’s ideas on God, love, philosophy and reason. Snai of you are far from the road of devotion: Institution Library of Congress.

You have no foot. Silence is praise — have done with speech; your chatter will only bring you harm and sorrow — have done! You have to realize that it is his guidance that keeps you on the path and not your own strength. How will you ever have riches if you are idle sixty days a month? Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Eternity knows nothing of belief or unbelief; for a pure nature there is no such thing.

Hakim Sanai | Sufi Teachings

Edited form of Post Image. When he admits you to his presence ask from him nothing other than himself, When he has chosen you for a friend, you have seen all that there is to see. His means for this awakening is surrender to God, his poetry has been called “the essential fragrance of the path of love”. Wanai free from your chains you have forged about yourself; for you will be free when you are free of clay.

Sanai was a Sunni Muslim.