The GY gyro by Futaba is perhaps the most popular RC helicopter gyro ever. need the manual for the GY, you can grab that here. Manual GY – Robbe Futaba. Manual GY Be the first to rate this product. Recommend ยท Ask question. Description. Manual GY – Robbe Futaba. CopterX GY Digital Gyro user manual. Thank you for purchasing CopterX GY Gyro! High performance, light weight gyro with AVCS (Angular Vector.

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This value rarely causes the tail to “hunt” on first hovering flights.

Then plug the 1 wire connector into channel 5 labeled ‘Gear’ – make sure the yellow wire is on the signal side. Ask 5 RC helicopter enthusiasts what the best solid state heading lock gyro was when they first came out, and 4 of them will likely say the GY Rotate the helicopter so the nose goes to the left and watch the rudder servo. Remember that a few hundred rpm drop on the head is several hundred rpm drop on the tail.

The Esky F V2 is an inexpensive and cool little scale Airwolf heli that is easy to fly. You may want it faster or slower so change the value appropiately.

This gyro initializes fast, only about 3 or 4 seconds. The servo combo included the ultra fast digital Futaba S tail rotor specific servo. It may or may mnaual initialize correctly depending on where the position you have the GEAR switch remember this is now the switch that will control the gyro.


Yes, the tape that comes with the gyro is not very cushiony, but that’s the way it needs to be. Using the limit trimmer pot on the gyro, adjust the tail rotor travel as needed for mwnual binding at extremes of throw. The ball on the rudder servo is too far away from the center. On most helicopters, a servo wheel with ball joint mounting radius of Now that you’re done with that, you fy401 to flip the GEAR switch back to heading hold mode.

Manual GY – Robbe Futaba

To get the tail to move faster or slower, adjust the rudder channel travel. To get the two Futaba connectors into your Spektrum receiver you will have to trim the flat piece that sticks out on the side.

On a Futaba receiver, this is channel number 4. Futaba GY Gyro. The RPM’s should be to for 3D flight. Speaking of servos, the came in two different packages. With the rudder link disconnected from the servo.

Turn on the receiver. If not, then flip the reverse switch located on the top of the gyro. The tape works great, use it.

My most popular eBook! The large range of heli size usage and outstanding performance is why the GY outsold every other performance gyro on the market.


Quick Start Guide for the GY401

With the GY there is very little reason to use standard rate mode. If you the tail wags in a hover then decrease the gain. Inhibit all preprogrammed gyro software in the transmitter. Make sure the guides are aligned for least resistance.

Futaba GY Gyro How-to

The ATV for the gain select channel has two sides. Without a doubt, the GY gyro with or servo is one of the best tail rotor stabilization systems produced to date. It has been perfectly matched to operate with the GY in fast digital mode.

Check and double-check this point, because getting it backwards can cause needless excitement on a model’s first flight. Multiple layers of tape are unnecessary and potentially detrimental to gyro performance if the mounting becomes excessively “spongy”.

This value will yield a mild pirouette rate that can then be increased to suit the taste of the pilot. The model should now hover with gj401 drift. This value may be well below the point of “hunting”, but that is just fine.