The Will to Change by bell hooks Remaking Manhood by Mark Greene Angry White Men by Michael S. Kimmel The Macho Paradox by Jackson Katz Getting Off. One of the most eminent scholars and writers on men and masculinity and the author of the critically acclaimed Manhood in America turns his attention to the. Using a combination of interviews, anecdotes, and socio-historical insight, Michael Kimmel’s Guyland offers a detailed analysis of the prevailing social.

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Whereas common-sense explanations of the problems attributable to Guyland tend to derive from biologically determinist explanations e.

Unfortunately, I did not connect to the text as I thought, as being gay, this was a world I did not live in, and being a feminist already, many of the arguments were ones I’d read elsewhere, for a different audience, and with different intents. Such solutions, although somewhat helpful, do not sufficiently account for the broader structural need to confront, or at least explore, the role of corporate and political entities in actively manufacturing and subsequently profiting off of Guyland.

Feeling loved and supported, nurtured and safe, is far more critical than the ‘package’ it comes in. Throughout the book, Kimmel examines the rites of passage through which guys achieve validation from their peer group. Then again, every generation can and will say that about the ones that follow.

Book Review: “Guyland: The perilous world where boys become men” by Michael Kimmel

It is a beneficiary of kimmfl Woozle effect, given the major in-group bias evidence in the list of citations. Log in to your Kanopy account. I could go on, but you should read the book for yourself and form your own opinion. Sociologist guylannd gender studies authority Michael Kimmel has identified this territory as “Guyland,” a place that is both a stage of life and a new social arena. Does Kimmel ever give a nod of recognition to young men who take their studies seriously and compare their future social influence to that of Guyland?

The powers of Guyland seem to change according to Kimmel’s guyoand. I’ve read many journal articles and gutland, traveled to several rallies to aid male victims, and even had the honor of meeting academicians such as Dr.

One of the most eminent scholars and writers on men and masculinity and the author of the critically acclaimed Manhood in America turns his attention to the culture of guys, aged 16 to When it comes to family life, form is not merely as important as content.


Sports, entertainment, porn, dating- all of these issues are examined for how the masculine guylad can turn something as simple as watching the big game into a messy experience. Dec 03, Carolyn Fitzpatrick rated it really liked it Shelves: See and discover other items: Come see me – you can borrow my copy of this book and then we can discuss it.

Also if you are critical read: They need to be made aware of media that doesn’t show male adulthood as choice between “bros before hos” or being a dim-witted husband in a sexless marriage. However one must beg the question: How Parental Pressure and Material Advantage are Creating a Generation of Disconnected and Unhappy Kids Kimmel calls on us all to see the boy in the pseudo-man, to break the silence with which we surround them, and kimmeo what it takes to help them grow into real men. The book’s message is one of male guylabd and power, how that power perpetuates itself, and the fact that many males are uncomfortable with such, even though they perform ghyland actions because it’s how they “should” be.

We all have it so hard. Well, it was very readable. So the question is: I think the key premise – that a culture of entitlement, culture of silence, and culture of protection result in a lot of the bad behavior we see in young men – is correct.

Guyland is a product of an academic counter-culture that is only a few decades old, and so far I see little more than speculative texts gyyland the same tone. Nothing was particularly bad about this book, but nothing was extremely impressing either.

This bizarre scope is never justified, yet I suspect Kimmel uses ikmmel because it fits with the popular and unhealthy notion that masculinity is predatory, privileged, entitled or hedonistic.

So I really liked what he says, and it rings true to me from my own experience, but I think the ev I wanted to give this 5 stars but ultimately did not because his case studies and examples are a little too narrow. Write a customer review. Six pages later Kimmel brings up girls and their role in this “Guyland”, but their roles are framed only in the point of view of the men of Guyland, and yet again, basic assumptions about how these women interact with and are viewed by the men.

I think that this is a particularly important book for college students and parents.

Guyland | Kanopy

I assume that you, the reader, want to understand men. Kimmel speaks of this “Guyland” as if it is a territory, but the parallels go only as far as to say that Guyland is governed by a malevolent “Guy Code” that allegedly perpetuates hyper-masculine kimmeo of peer pressure and the Bystander Effect. Emotions can only be expressed or absolved by violence, as all other responses to this self-realization are verboten guylad the mores of Guyland.


It’s a refreshing read.

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. In addition, he somehow manages to find the three or four most awful examples of abuse for every topic and presents them as though they are representative of every day experience. Last — and this is probably less Kimmel’s issue and more one for fact-checking — but by god people. Guyland’s main focus is the extended adolescence that the men of today are susceptible to; or rather a very specific subset of predominantly upper-class, college-bound, white, heterosexual men.

Another part of the blame is given to alumni, who kick up a fuss when college administrations actually do try to implement policies to curb date rape and excessive drinking. This was a required book for a Men and Masculinities course I took in college.

Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men by Michael S. Kimmel

Jul 17, Diana rated it did not like it. Thus we have Kimmel’s thesis: Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus.

Why do so many guys seem stuck between adolescence and adulthood? This is a book that sells a message to people kijmel already took a side. I suppose most perceptive people of really all generations can tell you that kids aren’t the same today that they were years ago.

I also wish he had spent a bit more time summing up how we might begin to change these attitudes and specifically this sense of entitlement the “guys” have. Here’s where this first pops up: Kimmel’s kimmeel is not overly dense, but he definitely still sounds intelligent and this book is still very well researched on the whole.

It’s a great book that actually made me feel better about my brothers and my boyfriend sometimes being complete turds. When I was in 1st grade, it was widely known that sex was about boys peeing into girls. And finally, local police departments who often have hazing practices of their own are blamed for being reluctant to respond to reports of hazing or rape.