Even when GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling was published, there were ways to simplify it, and some of those were included in. Any references to “the book” below refer to GURPS Technical Grappling, and the “core rules” are the ones from GURPS Characters and. 1. Make an attack. You may initiate a grapple, improve a grip, break a grapple, or perform a special attack. Initiate a grapple by making an attack with DX.

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Grabbing is pretty straight-forward and defenses work grapoling it just as they would against any other attack, so this chapter is mainly about what happens after that. This is where the control point mechanic shines. But with CP-limited grapples, even with the massive CP they can inflict one did 34 CP on Vryce, enough to reduce a normal man to total immobility almost twice overthere is a cap to the badness.

Fortunately, I persevered, and after the first pass, I had enough sense of the overall framework to read it again for understanding. This can be a big deal when hechnical a foe in heavy armor, the kind who thinks he can All-Out Attack with impunity.

Last edited by munin; at Likewise 4 levels of ST is a die of swing damage, and grapping levels of ST is a die of thrust damage, at least in the human range, and in the super-human range, 10 levels of ST is a die of damage either way.

GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling

Douglas Cole September 16, at 9: No one argues, or tries to explain why they can somehow pull off X or Y despite being grappled, or guurps that they’ll need a new guy because they missed that Dodge roll vs. Yet the examples of play I’ve read on Gaming Ballistic have made sense to me and seemed tehnical fun.

Technical Grappling makes a couple of things more clear: The organization of chapters is 1 grappling general concepts, 2 important subcategory of grappling with weapons, and 3 actual grappling combat. Find More Posts by DouglasCole. I a wizard cast charm person on a PC it might be cool to have some way to break the control other than a quick contest of skills where if you fail your PC is out of play.


Warehouse 23 offers worldbooks, supplements, and adventures, in physical and digital formats, for GURPS — as well as many of our other game lines. So far, so good. Benjamin Frappling September 16, at 9: At first glance, this must seem odd, especially grap;ling my emphasis on stripped-down combat for DF.

GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling

Technical Grappling Chapter 2 is all about armed grappling, and the most useful part of the whole book, in my humble opinion, is the flavor text introducing this chapter.

ST 40, 4d crushing bite, Constriction Attack.

So now I try to go back to reading, but I’m already starting to gurpa I won’t be able to use this, so my heart is no longer in it.

Find More Posts by munin. Chapter 2 is all about armed grappling, and the most useful part of the whole book, in my humble opinion, is the flavor text introducing this chapter. Ideally, if you do nothing effective to stop him, he can pile up enough control points to make you all but helpless, then force you into a disadvantageous position with your back to him, then free up his hands by trapping you with some other limb or part of a limb, and then wail away unopposed.

Achieve leverage by jockeying for not only posture, but also facing and orientation. Way of the Warrior — Featuring two articles from the author of Technical Grappling: Transform grappling from an all-or-nothing affair to a matter of degree. The good news is, the full grapplibg complexity I just described is rarely seen in actual play, and when it is, a little hand-waving and guestimating is good enough.

This is true of causing damage with a lock, and also true of using a grapple to force some kind of change in position. I found it intimidating at first, …. Technical Grappling will add detail and realism to your battles.

  CTX 9800 PDF

The canny warrior knows that grappling is fundamental to fighting. First, it introduces some granularity.

You need to get to chapter 3 before you find out what chapters 1 and 2 are for. I needed 3 sessions with big fights to get comfortable with the mechanics, and that was with posting techniczl questions to this forum and getting helpful answers from the author. And still in the first page I keep hitting fine distinctions and exceptions to rules I barely understand.

But we basically aren’t doing any of technicap cinematic rules for it, either. He wrote an article. How much control you get in a grapple depends partly on native strength and partly on your skill in the application thereof.

Any melee — from a brawl to a swordfight — could suddenly move into the clinch. But with a CP pool to whittle down, it’s grapplign the end of the fight. Let’s just say that Benjamin isn’t the first to think of this.

GURPS Technical Grappling Sequence

It contributed to a first impression of massive complexity that is not present in actual play. These are manageable if you know the system: Tags martial artstechnical grappling Thread Tools. The benefit of using a grapple to move a foe is alike in kind, to put him in a facing or posture in which his defenses are penalized, and hopefully to keep him there, so that the remainder ghrps the combat is a one-sided affair in frappling favor.

However, Wrestling skill gives no direct bonus to the damage control point roll; instead it gives a bonus to the ST score used to derive thrust-based damage.