GURPS Autoduel was one of the first worldbooks ever published for the GURPS system – over ten years ago! Its post-apocalyptic world, based on the classic Car . A few things to make car-design easier and more Car-Warsish in GURPS Autoduel. In the 96 pages of GURPS Autoduel, you’ll find: Detailed vehicle design rules. Choose your own tires, engine, suspension, weapons, and accessories — to fit.

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Games Review Volume 1, Issue 11 – Aug It notes that archaic weapon skills are more common than in modern day due to the prevalence of things like professional gladiatorial fighting.

Autoduel has many scenarios available and the system allows for players to make their own. Sounds too good to be true. Travel is rough outside of company-run toll roads. Obviously few tables will be able to contain a map of the size necessary have cars driving traveling at that speed, unless you’re willing to play on the floor. Though the weapons in Autoduel are considered early TL8, they pale in comparison to most TL7 military weapons. And if you encounter copies of this article elsewhere on the web, please report it to webmaster sjgames.

Layer it on as thick as you like. Thankfully, most vehicles give a bonus to Driver rolls. As mentioned earlier, the weapons and armor have changed.

Oh, and as a taste of the kind of things I won’t bore you with: Different weapons have different effects and ranges. Canada Now a constitutional monarchy. To maneuver with a trailer, first move the tractor in a normal fashion, using the turning key or any other method. Outlaws, like biker gangs and bandits, have a much more severe Social Stigma.


GURPS Autoduel

It notes duellists can take sponsors in the form of the Patron advantage, and fame is done through Reputation. Don’t even think about trying to bypass or crash the toll booths.

Texans and Mexicans raid each other constantly.

It unofficially diverges with the revised date of the Beirut bombing, You are commenting using your Facebook account. This is by design: First thing, unlearn everything you knew about designing cars.

ARF’s return represents a major threat to the new order. But unless the book was printed with autoduek typesetting a resounding “No! The objectives of scenarios vary: This article originally appeared in Pyramid On the other hand, you can say that the whole thing was a promotional stunt for the latest Schwarzenegger flick.

Not that we have atuoduel idea what’s going on in Europe, so it’s a little odd. Skilled and honest mechanics tend to get a lot of support from duellist community.

I can see this mattering for some games, like truckers or corporate troubleshooters, but it’s a lot of detail considering many PCs that is, the titular autoduellists will augoduel living off of endorsements and prize money, not paychecks. Gangs are still widespread, but attacks on local communities start to die down as a constant concern. Autoduelling auutoduel Motion Vehicle Movement The first thing that’s done away with for the vehicle rules is gurpss phased movement from Car Wars.

As such, it recommends that vehicles use the Car Wars scale, but everything included in this set is at the GURPS scale, and you’ll have to buy Car Wars to use the smaller scale This perfectly encapsulates the product: Las Vegas waned as a gambling capital and instead has become a center for TV production. Battlesuit is useless, as battlesuits don’t explicitly exist though come to think, all the technology necessary to make one seems to be present.

GURPS Autoduel: When Steve Jackson Pulled Out All the Stops… | Jeffro’s Space Gaming Blog

This gives a surprisingly minor penalty to job rolls -1 and we get the big jobs table that came with every GURPS book of this period, now with exciting rules like payment fluctating for independent work! Second, hold down the rear corner of the trailer on the side the tractor moved toward. An in-joke about Michael Jackson? Scientists rapidly work on a way to counter the Blight, but no cure is forthcoming.


This doesn’t make a lot of sense, and I’m not sure why it was done, since magic will barely be mentioned otherwise. During the Cycle Gang era, resources couldn’t be easily moved from one location to another without great loss. That’s not what we really wanted. So that basically covered everything. I have not looked at 4th edition at all. Action series like action-trucker series McDade are popular along with sitcoms, along with sports like autoduelling and combat football.

The last page is numbered 84, but there’s a page pull out in the center of the book for a total of 96 pages. Sample Character Finally, we get a sample character, Douglas “Crusher” Kernan ex-commando scout turned big rig gunner for the Brotherhood of Truckers.

Art from Sunday Drivers. Your character is such a person, willing to face the guns and rockets of outrageous fortune in order to live his own life. This all-new Second Edition is 32 pages longer than the original, and includes: We were asked by only two people during playtest, “What happened to the war?