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Efficient starting guide (UK)

They really should start paying you Curtain. MB, Market, Academy to level 10 each 3. Not claiming it to be the best starting strategy, but it leads to trabian settling and requires such a minimal effort. If you are running low on storage or the quest rewards are starting to get large just increase your warehouse and granary levels as they increase your storage space. Submit a new link. I did this and 3 accounts gave me the possibility to join.

Travian: Legends Forum

We could wait for the culture to generate but there is another way gravian we will be using. If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. I checked the wiki about the quest and it says you can only get the cp after you have settled the second village.

Let me know if you tried this and how it went for you. Qui dentro potrete trovare tutte le FAQ del sito, dagli script ai bot, dal trooptool alle Domande Frequenti su Travian. Each tribe also has a special building only that tribe can build. The color code for the events is the following: Make sure to never get your hero killed because you end up losing resources and therefore time.

That last tips also works if you are NPC’en for 2 wheatfields at once. Programmazione Web In questo forum si discute di tutti i linguaggi per il web. Here are few example ideas you could try.


Here i’m going to show how to defend against multiple catapult attacks.


He is your go to unit when dealing with robbers or even enemy players. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Goodluck, it’s in guidx. In totale ci sono 12 utenti connessi:: Introduction to Gauls The first few days Game beyond the beginning Part 1: Basically you only want to take the simming route since you will be able to settle before the beginner’s protection is over.

At this point only attack the Robbers with your Swordsmen and leave the Phalanx at home. Log in or sign up in seconds. Our goal for this phase of the plan is to get all resource and crop fields to lvl 5.

Hai Nuove Idee da proporre per far crescere TravianTrucchi? Get a tournement square and upgrade it. There is a decent margin of error that you can play with for that. I’ve been a player since and have Leonardo IXxcoralloxX. Introduction to Gauls The first few days Game beyond the beginning. The goal fuida this phase is construction of lvl 5 Trapper and Wall and lvl 1 stable. The game itself advertises Gauls as the best choice for beginners and I have to agree vuida this.

And if guid army dies? You can still use out of borders oasis but troops stationed in them don’t provide any extra production or influence. In this short episode, we answer some questions about That being said these features come with a high price and training time, which makes him a very situational unit.

I will talk about suitable spots for settling in tragian 3 of the guide so check that before settling. New servers start regularly so if no such server exists guira can join the youngest server to practice the game and then join a fresh one when it does start. You also need to be quite active if you choose the raiding strategy over simming strategy.


Costituzione Esempio per ally Un esempio di costituzione per un miglior sviluppo e gestione traviqn un’ally in Travian. Same is true for other quests. Most important thing at this point is to figure out if your King seems competent and if you like your current kingdom and location. Once at lvl 5 you will gain a free lvl 10 Residence from a quest. A helpful tip here is that any building can be instantly finished when it has less than 5 minutes left to build, use this to your advantage to build fast.

I wanna get better. Don’t get travixn wrong, I love the guide. Continue to upgrade the Residence to lvl 5. Everything new above 80 Pop gets a raid from 4 Teutates thunders and a scouting for defensive buidings and imediately gwt added into the farmlist. Alright, now you have your 3 settlers ready and you are trying to decide whether you should settle a 9 cropper or a 15 cropper.

Focus should be primarily in defense troops but your first village can slowly ramp up offense production. Without those details I’m not familiar of a guide that is just about general village development can give you a few pointers myself.

Dizionario per Noob Dizionario per i nuovi utenti di Traviani, che non sono a conoscenza dei termini che questo gioco si guuda dietro. Moved SK regular server start from After that you can consider to aim for something like this village set up.