GRUNCH OF GIANTS. Get any book for free on: 1. Grunch of Giants. By R. Buckminster Fuller. Get any book for free on: CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD the book Grunch Of Giants by Buckminster Fuller. Could it be possible that Buckminster Fuller’s ideas could save the world on how Bucky’s book, The Grunch of Giants, changes everything, by.

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Buckminster Fuller was the second president of Buckmjnster from to View all 3 comments. Jusst wish to say your article is as astounding. Anyone who is in business, finance, or stock investing should read this book. Carbon molecules known as fullerenes were la Richard Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller was an American architect, systems theorist, author, designer, and inventor.

Grunch of Giants by R. Buckminster Fuller

He also developed numerous inventions, mainly architectural designs, and popularized the widely known geodesic dome. The style of bukminster was not my cup of tea, but the ideas resonate. Sure feels like the time is right for a come back! The author is brilliant and I learned a great deal about the Grunch, and how the rich manipulate our government and money to legally steal from the working class.

I came away from the book wondering what the actual main point of it was.

Fine in Near Fine dust jacket Edition: Now, allow me to give my review, Ahem: This book is for those that enjoy David Icke, conspiracy theorists, those that hate governments and those that abhor corporations. Want to Read saving…. Yet those corporations operate only with single purpose of profit irrelevantly whether their behavior is anti social as in environmental damage or enslavement of humans or destruction of the earth by the last nuclear war.


The best thing is that Fuller was asking deeper questions than most people venture to on their own, even if his conclusions ended up being mistaken. His writing style also reflects this individuality. May 08, Andrew Long rated it it was amazing. Although there were some interesting snippets regarding the birth and history of the corporate personhood the text wasn’t well written.

Can our fulelr of national political sovereignties and corporate profits survive the inevitable technology revolution require to obviate bhckminster by effecting a worldwide rise in the standard of living. Jul 25, C. He is so succinct – in spite of “repetition” that I thi Buckminster Fuller has been gone for nearly 30 years and the planet and human survival cry out for minds like his.

Jul 08, Jonnythrombosis rated it it was amazing. It reminded me of reading the book after the year had already passed to see how someone envisioned the future and how much of it has come to fruition and not.

Yet, corporations created the computer that I’m typing this one Applethe internet that I’m using to connect to this website Time Warner and even the website that I’m writing this review on Goodreads. Worth reading but in retrospect I should have read Critical Path first.


‘Grunch of Giants’ Made Me Rich

Refresh and try again. However, he risks sounding naievely utopian if he leaves the political sphere unadressed- this book, I believe, is his attempt to grapple with the pragmatics of the situation. Anyone wishing to know how others could be trillionaires and billions be mired in squalor and poverty this book is a must read Sustaining the most people buckminste the highest standard of living in the face of booming population.

Book fine, Dust jacket fine. This is definitely one of the best books I’ve ever read.

Grunch of Giants

Buckminster Fuller Design Science, A challenging book that was recommended to me by an acquaintance. I do understand the always relevant stance of RBF fulker the light of the economic fall out and the Anti-Wall Street Protests that are occurring now. As you might gather, then, many of these ideas have been dealt with elsewhere and in greater detail.

A poet and genius and inventor who makes me blush that I have claimed I became a Librarian so I could be a Renaissance Man.

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