Life at the prestigious Q High School for Girls in Tokyo exists on a precise social axis: a world of insiders and outsiders, of haves and have-nots. Beautiful Yuriko. “Grotesque” is full of schoolgirls in long socks but blanchingly free of cuteness, a combination we might call Uh-Oh Kitty. Natsuo Kirino started. Other writers, such as Miyabe and Natsuo Kirino, provide insight into elements of Japanese society that are so vastly different from Western culture as to seem.

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How twisted is she? How does one arrive from point A to point B?

Grotesque (novel) – Wikipedia

It’s improbable that the two diarists and the accused man writing in custody would have exactly the same chatty style, the same apostrophes to the reader, and the same manner with spoken dialogue. Get the best at Telegraph Puzzles. The ending, with Ms Hirata once again deceiving herself, emphasises the almost endless capacity for self-deception to which the narrators in their different ways attest. I have definitely read more graphic scenes but they may still be upsetting depending on the reader.

What has to happen to a woman for her to choose that kind of life?

I wonder if I’d be killed by Zhang. She got married to her present husband when she turned twenty-four, and began writing professionally, after giving birth to her daughter, at age thirty.

This mesmerizing tale of betrayal reveals some sobering truths about Japan’s natsul hierarchy. Probably because I’m not used to read this sort of book before and I’m now trying to learn the totally different aspect of humanity. As readers, all we had to do kirin enjoy the view. Kazue worked for a blue-chip company and had good career prospects, but was unpopular with colleagues and felt isolated.


Izumi Kyoka Prize I love reading crime novels from other countries and would definitely want to read Kirino again. Natsuo Kirino may be the most socially astute of the current Japanese writers.

‘It really is a complete fabrication’

grotesquf Documents purportedly written by other characters – journals, letters, newspaper reports – form large sections of the novel, but our narrator is always the first to discredit them. Please try again later. The book’s narrator is unnamed, which tells as much about her as anything else.

No matter how intelligent a girl may be, no matter her many talents, these attributes are not easily discerned. This book has the same major themes that her book OUT has: There are no winners here.

I mean, you’re ugly too. No, I don’t know Japanese, so yes I missed all the jatsuo and rhymes and whatever other language play Kirino was sub consciously plying. Don’t miss it if you like a twisted tale of 2 sisters! Even though the women are constantly fighting with each other, constantly hurting themselves and others to get ahead, Kirino is creates her women without recourse to stereotypes or hurtful representation.

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Grotesque is an exploration of many things. These are unlikable and, as the title states, “Grotesque” women but the power of the tale is in how they became what they are. Years later, Yuriko and Kazue are dead — both have become prostitutes and both have been kirijo murdered.

Overall, definitely one of the best books I have read and it continues to offer more to think about even after being read. The first, Outwas billed as a crime novel and nominated for an Edgar Award, but it’s really about power in relationships.

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While one of those girls, the most brilliant and driven, gravitates towards terrorism and kkrino redemption through love, the other three, all of them misfits in their own right, are only able to assert their own power as women via prostitution ans sexual exploitation. All this and more, certainly. Which brings me back to the unexpected nature of this book. Yuriko’s diary does show an ability to think for herself that her sister always denied out of rage. I’ve reached page with the revelation that I didn’t care about the back story of the characters so skipped to somewhere in the s and started gotesque the court case and discovered I seriously didn’t care, so my question is should I bother continuing with it and most importantly, does it improve?


Overall the impression is one of an existential bleakness, one way beyond the wildest imaginings of most so-called ‘noir’ writers. Being exposed to these voices provides a new perspective on writing and fiction, one that may be vastly different from the traditional English point of view. Please try again later.

I couldn’t find her name anywhere, maybe it was mentioned. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web.

Grotesque by Natsuo Kirino | : Books

There are tons of discussions on the privileges of family status, wealth, language, beauty, and the constant strug After thinking on this book for a few days, my appreciation has continued to increase. Suspension of belief is not really possible in this work.

A powerful study of people humbled at the altar of superficial values.