Grewia bicolor is a deciduous shrub or a tree; it usually grows 2 – 10 metres . An extremely variable plant, it hybridizes freely with Grewia monticola in the wild[. Grewia flavescens flowers in Hyderabad. Grewia tiliaefolia flowers in Hyderabad. The large flowering plant genus Grewia /ˈɡruːiə/ is today placed by most authors in the. False brandy bush (Grewia bicolor A. Juss.) is a many-stemmed shrub that may reach 7 to 14 m high. The bark is dark grey, deeply fissured and scaly in older.

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Flowers bisexual, bicokor, 5-merous, sweet smelling; pedicel 5—14 mm long; sepals 6—14 mm long, greyish or brownish green hairy outside, glabrous and yellow inside; petals obovate to oblong, 3—9 mm long, bent back over sepals, apex acute to emarginate, bright yellow to orange; stamens numerous, 6—7 mm long; ovary superior, c. Grewia bicolor is easy to grow in the nursery and usually shows good survival after transplanting.

Login to add your Comment Not registered yet? During the dry season, Grewia bicolor is a necessary fodder for pure browsing species such as the Western Giant eland Taurotragus derbianus derbianusa critically endangered antelope. Volume 5, Families S—Z, Addenda. False brandy bush Grewia bicolkrleaves, dry. Grewia bicolor is a veritable multipurpose tree, yielding a range of useful products, and it therefore seems a good candidate for community forestry projects.


The bark and other plant parts contain farnesol, which has sedative activity and is antagonistic to the stimulant effect of caffeine; farnesol also enhances the effects of barbiturates.

Grewia bicolor

Assessment of rangeland condition in relation to altitude and Grazing types. BoxAH Wageningen, Netherlands.

A complete guideedn 2. Small ruminant Research and Development in Africa. The plant is also used in veterinary medicine, e. Species abundance, food preference and nutritive value of goat diets in the semi-arid lands of east-central Kenya.

Kyffhäuser flora – Grewia bicolor var bicolor

Formerly, it was placed in either the family Tiliaceae or the Sparrmanniaceae. Google QR Code Generator. Browse in Africa, the current state of knowledge.

These trees grow best in temperate climates with summer rainfall. Citation in scholarly articles.

Grewia – Wikipedia

A case of Gairo division. The bark is a source of fibre. Fresh leaves are made into a kind of tea. Medpharm Scientific, Stuttgart, Germany. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.


The encyclopedia of fruit and nuts. These include the common nawab Polyura athamas and the swift moth Endoclita malabaricus. The white raisin is often associated with termite mounds and bicoor fringes, especially at medium altitudes in higher-rainfall areas.

It is often found on sandy and rocky soils and red clay soils.

In Sudan a poultice of the root is applied on pustulent skin lesions, and the root is taken as a tranquillizer. Grewia bicolor Grewia bicolor. False brandy bush Grewia bicoloraerial part, fresh. Grewia bicolor naturally occurs in dry deciduous woodland and bushveld. Mfukufuku, mkone, mkole Sw. There are 20 citations in Afrirefs related to Grewia bicolor Juss. Per g dry matter the leaves contain: The bark is dark grey, deeply bicklor and scaly in older trees.

Plant Ecology 2: It does well on rich, shallow sandy soils, occasionally on red clays Brink,