Find the most up-to-date version of GOST at Engineering GOST , Pipeline valves. Leakage rates of valves. Title: Pipeline gate valves-rates of gates sealibility. Pages count: 6. Date of issue: Document status: WITHDRAWN Superseded by: GOST

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We accept all major credit cards and bank wire transfers. Reinforced concrete structures in cold climates and on permafrost soils.

gosst Methods for determination of chloride salt content. Federal Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring Service. Russian National Electric Code.

Energy heat-mechanic and hydromechanical equipment. Nominal, test, and operating pressures. Federal Construction Housing and Utilities Agency. We maintain a database of overnormative documents in English and other languages for the following 12 countries: Range of products GOST Pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, pressure-and-vacuum gauges, head gages, draft gauges and draft-and-head gages.

Methodical documents in construction. Federal Official Statistics Service. Specifications GOST Package drilling rigs for development and ogst exploratory drilling. Industry-specific Norms on Technical Design.


We normally supply such items got less than three days. Pipeline fittings and parts. Determination of saturated vapor pressure. Prestressed reinforced concrete slabs for pavement of city roads. Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.

GOST 9544-2015

Package drilling rigs for development and deep exploratory drilling. Pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, pressure-and-vacuum gauges, head gages, draft gauges and draft-and-head gages. Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology. Standards for seal tightness. Ministry of Justice of the Tost Federation.

National Institute of Standards

Identification painting, warning signs, and marking panels GOST Piston and plunger pumps. This receipt can be easily saved and printed for your records.

E-mail this product to a friend. Federal Financial Monitoring Service. Piston and plunger pumps. Method for determination of sulfur by calorimetric bomb method.

Gost 9544-2005 Rising Stem Gate Valve

If for any reason whatsoever you are not satisfied, we can conduct a completely FREE revision and edit of products you have purchased. Pressure regulators for liquefied hydrocarbon gases at pressures up to 1. Send us a message.


Design and dimensions GOST 8. Safety requirements GOST Terms and definitions GOST Power supply systems, networks, sources, converters, and electrical loads. Passenger and freight elevators. For items out of stock third party supply you will be notified as to which items will require additional time to ogst.

RG Technical Translations, LLC. – GOST

Methods for mass measurement. Portland cement and Portland blast furnace cement. Pressure, vacuum, and pressure difference sensors with electrical analog output GSO signals. Each document in English is verified against the original and official version.

Model contract Model agreement for special-purpose budget financing of householders society Language: Once an order is placed it will be verified and processed within a few hours up to a rare maximum of 24 hours.

Method for determining mechanical impurities.