The Glastonbury clashfinder is up and running at http://www. Its not much to look at at the moment but. Glastonbury Clashfinder – Wednesday 22nd. Glastonbury essential Twitter list. Artists PM BST 15 Jun @ clashfinder is one of the most useful feeds for planning what you will see. Links to .

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GlastoTheCommon is the festival’s newest addition to glastonbuy late night area. Although one man and his guitar might seem an unlikely headline act for a major festival, Sheeran has more than proved he can capture massive crowds in the past. Journeys On Wax Croissant Neuf line up can be found at: You can find glastonbiry in the sharing section. Cheers and thanks for all your hard work. She stole the show at the Super Bowl half time show this year, despite Coldplay supposedly being the headline act.

Glastonbury 2011: essential Twitter list

East Dance Heds Party 1 If you want no sleep, camp near us – trust me you wont get any. Is it possible to get hold of a pdf of the FULL lineup as in previous years? Obv I want Actual Clashfinder on Actual bits of paper anyway, but thought it might be useful for more detail? She’s a regular tweeter though clashfindsr may be less involved than usual this year becuase she’s just this week given birth to a baby boy.

Of course, we’re still on facebook at http: Accessibility links Skip to article Skip to navigation. As there isn’t a festival next year I’m determined to make the most of this one!


Glasto for news, updates, photos and videos. I’ll have to wait for the official times to come out. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

I’ve made a change so that, if you’ve recently saved or restored, the page address refers glawtonbury your saved file rather than the individual highlights. Thanks so much for all your hard work on this. Equality in the Cuts Frontline Guest – boblad Clwshfinder Collar – Postal treats for your pups.

M A State Of Mind. After I’d put the film up, a mate said to me – people think you’re being funny – they don’t realize you mean it all and its a cry for help.

I was considering doing something similar myself but you’ve saved me the trouble. Muse will certainly rock the joint and Stevie will appeal to the more laidback as he closes the main arena. Hi Halvin, It would be good if you can add the following stages to the 201 Technology Against the Cuts I’ll find out what’s causing it as soon as possible. Which right now does not seem like enough time to get myself sorted. I say Clashfinder changes your Glastonbury. Power in a Union.

The place will be a buzzing. Now, why did I add absolute positioning to the body and what have I broken by removing it? That should be sorted now. Thanks for all your hard work!

Did you follow the instructions in this thread? While you’re clicking, there’s also GlastoEarth: Shangri-La will see a set by Mark Ronson and Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker, which leaves room for a secret gig by the Australian clasfhinder if Parker can get his bandmates on board.

Barry Gibb cancels Coldplay duet – and other rumoured Glastonbury appearances

No wankers and sleep if you want it. Did they ask you to hold back this year pal? Guest – torngracedrummer For me the only other singer I would bother with would be Laura Marling, whose last album is clashfinxer, but I would prefer to see her somewhere much more intimate than at the huge expanses of the Pyramid.


I’ll upload the change when I get home. The likelihood of the newly reconciled music makers hitting one of the Glastonbury stages seems a real possibility and anthem Sweet Child of Mine would go down well with any crowd.

Clashfinder :: Glastonbury Clashfinder :: Landing Page

What version of IE are you using? My work computer can’t cope with the site otherwise, and i’m desperate to do damage with a highlighter To classhfinder the Clashfinder printing status moving from ‘Don’t even think about it’ to ‘Patience, grasshopper’ I thought i’d give Halvin a little bump to the first page.

Will you be glastpnbury the Spirit of ’71 Cafe acts on the Clashfinder, or are times not going to be known as this is a new venue?

Use hashtag GlastoPoem for your tweet to be projected onto the inner circumference of the Clashfinfer Vision Projection Dome. Basically, we’ve entered the period where I’m not allowed to tell you anything.

Also useful practical information. If you were planning on going to see Gonjasufi or Ren Harvieu, they’re now not playing.