Oliverio Girondo (August 17, – January 24, ) was an Argentine poet. He was born in Veinte Poemas Para Ser Leidos En El Tranvia; Calcomanias; Y Otros Poemas (Coleccion Visor de poesia) (Spanish Edition). Buenos Aires: Visor. Oliverio Girondo (* August in Buenos Aires; † Januar ebenda) war ein Veinte poemas para ser leídos en el tranvía. Barthélemy, Paris Veinte poemas para ser leídos en el tranvía (); Espantapájaros (); En la masmédula (). Signature de Oliverio Girondo. modifier · Consultez la documentation du modèle. Oliverio Girondo (Buenos Aires, 17 août – Buenos Aires, 24 janvier ) est un poète.

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In addition to Girondo’s own publications, the collection contains several critical works about the life and work of the Argentine poet. In Girondo published Campo nuestroa single long poem. Oliverio Girondo August 17, — January 24, was an Argentine poet.

Oliverio Girondoborn Aug. The fame earned from these two works encouraged him to continue his intercontinental trips with the purpose of promoting intellectual exchange between the far-flung members of the avant-garde.

These works are not found in this exact form in his Obra completa, however similarities in theme indicate that they may be related to Nuestra actitud ante el desastre. The trees filter the city sound. Dec 7, See Article History.

The poems of the second collection, Decalomaniaare of a somewhat more traditional sort — line-breaking verse, rather than the blocks of text of the first collection.

Let us be childish as we are tired of repeating the gestures of those who have lain below the earth for seventy centuries! Decals is a nice little collection, especially in this attractive packaging; quite honestly, the watercolors are the biggest selling point — though there are enough stand-out bits in the poetry itself to make that worthwhile, too.

Oliverio Girondo, poems

Buenos Aires, city and capital of Argentina. William Shakespeare, English poet, dramatist, and actor, often called the English national poet and considered…. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Love affairs explain away all culinary negligence. You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered. He was born in Buenos Aires to a relatively wealthy family, enabling him from a young age to travel to Europe, where he studied in both Paris and England.


Born to a well-to-do family, Girondo traveled extensively across Europe and other parts of the vfinte during his youth. Retrieved from ” https: The Flores girls go arm-in-arm, transmitting their tremors to one another, and if anyone looks them in the leeidos, their legs squeeze shut out of fear that their sex will fall on the sidewalk.

Let us have faith in prayers or in blasphemy, in the pun of heavenly boredom or in the voluptuousness of damnation! Painting, the expression of ideas and emotions, with the creation of certain aesthetic qualities, in a two-dimensional visual language.

Oliverio Girondo, In the Moremarrow / En la masmedula | Action Books

Help us improve this article! Paths that blush when they embrace the plumpness of the flower beds. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The time of night when old furniture seizes the chance to shed its lies, when pipes make strangulated cries, as though suffocating inside the walls.

Hesburgh Library, General Collection: In Girondo published the short story Interlunio dedicated to his future wife, Norah Lange, and a political essay inNuestra actitud ante el desastre.

The name has traditionally been applied to those imaginative works of poetry and prose distinguished by the intentions of their authors and the perceived aesthetic excellence of their execution. The Open Letter edition — their standard 8. A collection of surrealist poems, our copy of Veinte poemas contains colored illustrations by the poet. One of these is A la pintura: There’s limited experimentation with form here — in the first collection there is that tending to the prose-poem; beyond that, there’s the occasional bold-faced, large-type interjection “HUMILITAS”.

The impressions range — even in a single poem, such as ‘Express Train’ — from the more straightforward, reminiscent of the first collection, such as: The idea of reading this particular volume of poems on a streetcar was an elaborate joke, as though such a poeas book could be casually flipped open while sitting shoulder to shoulder amid the tramway crowd. His first poems, full of color and irony, surpass the simple admiration of beauty in nature which was then a common theme, opting instead for a fuller and more interesting topic: Let us cut ourselves loose from logical trangia Any text you add should be beinte, not copied from other sources.


The illustrations are quite stunning too — with the print edition having a much better veiinte depth of color than this sfr Cervantes virtual selection. Contact our editors with your feedback. Sure, the illustrations are identical on the facing pages, but they don’t feel at all superfluous. Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs.

The pieces tend towards prose-poems, paragraph- rather than simple line-breaks, some with relatively substantial blocks of text, some, like ‘Plaza’, with a mix: Of these authors, all also involved in the vanguardia avant gardism of Argentina, most identified with the Florida group in the somewhat farcical literary hostility between that group and another called Grupo Boedo. Internet URLs are the best.

Orthofer13 December Post Vfinte 14, He was a gregarious and extroverted man, full of a vitality which spilled over into his poetry in the form of humor and linguistic games. His first book, Veinte poemas para ser leidos en un tranviawas published by a small French press inand Calcomanias was published in Span in Poetry, literature that evokes a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience or a specific emotional response through language chosen and arranged for its meaning, sound, and rhythm.

It was soon republished, however, “in a cheap paperback ‘Streetcar Edition'”.

Girondo first published it in France in an oversize, demi-luxe edition, embossed and illustrated with his own watercolors. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The remaining thirteen works are undated and almost all have editorial corrections made by the author, revealing his progress as he works veknte a finished product. Born into wealth, as a young man Girondo agreed to attend law school tranfia exchange for summer trips to Europe.

The complete review ‘s Review:.