Marcelo, all the topics your are asking for are covered, at least in spanish, here: ?es,,MNU;E;19;2;MNU;. More under. GeneXus Trial: Tutorial The USER will use the GeneXus programs and documentation exclusively for personal INSTALLATION AND AUTHORIZATION. Primeros Pasos: Tutorial paso a paso. El objetivo de este tutorial es brindarle una primera experiencia práctica con GeneXus a medida.

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Let us know what you think. Go to the EntityServices instance associated with the “Product” transaction. Use the product and invoice tabs that appear at the top genexs the screen.

GeneXus X tutorials – Stack Overflow

Go to the “Transaction” node, set the “Searchable” property to “True”. Your feedback genexjs this content is important. Go to teh “Transaction” node. Will k 45 For this scenario “Full Text Search” filters are a good choice. Improving the full text search As tutorual can see the UI can be improved. Run the application and see how now the images appears to “City” and “Invoice” transactions. In order to do that follow this steps: Now the only thing that is left is to add formula attributes in order to improve the visualization of the searched records.

In both cases DVelop was accompanying Artech team. Add the “CustomerSearchResult” attribute to the Customer transaction. Given an N to N type relation between 2 tables for example Companies and Currencies it is possible to create a Web Panel that allows the association of records of that relationship. Dane Drotts 41 1.


GeneXus X tutorials [closed] Ask Question. You can direct yourself to gxtechnical. Armin Bachmann 2 9. I’m currently evaluating GeneXus X, and I’d like to know where I could get tutorials either in English, Spanish, Portuguese, it doesn’t matter on the following subjects:.

K2BTools Tutorial – Exercise 6.6: Full Text Search Filter

Preview of objects that will be generated. Expanded view with collapsible panels optional. Dynamic Filters – New! Apply the pattern instances and run the application. Go to the EntityServices instance associated with the “Invoice” transaction. Customer Full Text Search configuration. Enables changing the instance generic template from the Settings configuration of the WorkWithPlus pattern to add variables, change the number of columns used in the tables or make other changes and impact of those changes automatically in all the instances created throughout the KB.

These tabs can be used to group data, filters, etc See example. Go to City Transaction and add a new attribute with the following properties Name: Go to the EntityServices instance associated with the “City” transaction.

Within the pattern generated objects User Controls can be inserted into User tables without losing the relationship with the pattern. Marcelo, all the topics your are asking for are covered, at least in spanish, here: That will be taken into account in our final decision.

K2BTools Tutorial – Exercise Full Text Search Filter | Article

For more information of using full text search filters follow this link. Reindex all action Open the WorkWith for any transaction. Run the application and use the full text search feature to see the improved user interface. Add the Customer transaction to the Full Text Search index Open the Customers transaction and verify that the “BusinessComponent” property is set to true full text search can only be used in transactions that are business components.


It is an alternative view to the tabs view that displays all the record information and related records in the same screen. Pablo Mazzilli 11 1. Was this page helpful?

Adding more transactions to the full text search index Go to the “Country” and “City” transactions and set them as Business Components. By default, full text search results show as a description of the tjtorial the business components’ preview.

Allows user to select at runtime which column to filter within the grid and add new filters dynamically. Go to the EntityServices instance associated with the “Country” transaction. Marcelo, specifically about the Database reverse engineering process with Genexus, here you can tutorisl an overview: Instead, describe the problem and what has been done so far to solve it.