Standards. All GE panelboards meet the latest revision of the following standards . —National Electrical Code-Ref. Article —UL67 panelboards: UL BuyLog® Catalog. Molded Case Circuit Breakers. Rev. 9/ Prices and data subject to change without notice. Section 3. Industrial Circuit Breakers. GE Fastrac Program Service. —Fastrac A-Series® Panelboards: Fastrac shipment of A-Series® Panelboards A – A is available for select main and .

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Industrial Solutions Control Catalog Mfg: Revpt 1 pages. It is viewable through a rectangular knockout window opening in the switch cover.

NEMA 4, 4X, with defeat to enable panel entry while power on. Rod length is 22 inches and may be cut to appropriate length.

GE BuyLog — Section 9: Disconnect Switches and Operating

Buyylog pages The various indexes included in this catalog are designed to enable the user to locate the required information as quickly and conveniently as possible. For dimensions of neutral current sensor to be used with integral ground fault switches, page Order from pages or Control wiring is connected from one end of each fuse mounting bus-strap to a 6 pt.

Ampere Rating Outline Drawing Approx. This information is provided only for use interpreting product numbers.


For noninterlocking type, one bracket in kit is not used. Accepts Anderson VersaCrimp when lugs are removed from straps. Rev pages Looking for an efficient way to quickly resolve equipment problems or to cost-effectively manage ongoing service needs? GEPN pages This new edition is your comprehensive guide to product selection and pricing for GE electrical control products.

Revpt 1 pages For initiating or updating post-sales service issues and warranty cases For industrial renewal parts and components also see page 11 Web www.

Buylog Components and Equipment. Documents Flashcards Grammar checker.

GE Aftermarket Catalog

Shunt Trip The shunt trip accessory is an electronic module, which provides remote control capability buylogg open the switch. No Trip Test Nuylog — permits ground fault system check without tripping switch.

All accessories and control connection, every time. Each lug kit includes lugs, straps and hardware for threephase line or load connections. The key interlock extends a lever through the padlock hasp when the key is turned to the key removal or bolt extended position. For ampere, copper conductors must be used. Closing control voltage must be removed and re-applied for each switch closure.

GE BuyLog — Section 9: Disconnect Switches and Operating

Contact us at RexelPRO, or your local branch for price and availability. Kits consist of lugs and hardware for direct mounting to switch terminal straps multiple-hole tang lugs or lugs for mounting to ampere terminal adapter kit.


Rated Short-time Withstand Current Icw, 0. Industrial Solutions Control Catalog. Products contained in these catalogs may not be available at all Rexel USA locations. Protection and Control Products Cat.

Their installation simply involves removal he switch cover, installation of the switch module, routing of wiring and installation of the pre-wired terminal block and re-installation of the cover. Class H Fuse Clips are standard. General Electric Catalogue A.

Use of third-point latch recommended for doors 40 inches or longer. Shunt Trip with Lockout Module The shunt trip with lockout is identical to the regular shunt trip, but when energized, it will also prevent closure of an “open” switch by mechanically blocking both manual and electrical closing. This repository may not contain the latest catalog information. This accessory provides mounting for gr interlocks that are furnished by the customer.

For remote closing, the remote close solenoid must be ordered separately. Operation of the bell alarm with lockout module can be independently set by means of setting the DIP switches at the rear of the control unit.