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Will you not gabj me that privilege? A good reciter of the Holy Qu’ran and a very brave, God fearing, influential and powerful noble of Kufa.

Ganj E Shaheedan Allah Yar Khan Jogi Part 1 Mp3 songs – Leslie Da Bass

When the enemy saw him, they began to murmur, “How can we kill someone whose face is shining like moon? Gann after another of the Godly ones from the Holy Imam’s side went into the field and laid down his life after exhibiting wonderful bravery, courage, valor and prowess.

He was the son of the good lady who had served the Holy Imam as his nurse in his babyhood.

syaheedan They fight like I have seen Ali son of Abu Talib fight. A lion-hearted, brave who was faithful to Muslim bin Aqeel in Kufa.

Amru bin Hassan Talee: One of the faithful companions of the Holy Prophet and a Traditionist and a faithful devotee of Ameerul-Momineen. The slave who was purchased and liberated by the Holy Imam- was the scribe engaged to write communications from the Holy Imam.

He was a very handsome boy. Twice Imam Hussain pbuh refused saying “Qasim you are young and your mother’s only son. Aun and Muhammad sons of Jafar-e-Tayyar: They came to the Holy Imam and joined the noble cause.


He was the follower of Muslim-bin-Aqeel in Kufa. He found her in Sajdah praying, “Oh my God, I thank you for accepting my sacrifice.

Ganj-e-Shaheedan bahar husainabadi ebooks by Bahar Husain Aabadi | Rekhta

His wife also accompanied him to serve the Holy ladies. As the battle for Right against Might proceeded and the supporters of the Truth fell one after another, the tent containing the bodies of the martyrs was turned into a ‘Ganj-e-Shaheedan’ or the ‘Repository of the Martyrs’.

Imam Hussain’s companions were determined that as long as one of them was alive, they would not allow the blood of Imam Hussain pbuh and his family spill in Karbala. One of the faithful companions of the Holy Prophet and also of Amirul-Momineen. The Holy Imam received him with special grace.

Ganj-e-Shaheedan Mosque

hanj The son of the Second Holy Imam Hassan, a young boy who ran out of the tent to save Husayn when he was being martyred, and was martyred before the Holy Imam. When these four person marched towards shaheedann camp of the Holy Imam, Hur asked the Holy Imam for permission to stop them from getting near the camp for they were coming from the enemy’s ranks.

When the dust of the battle settled, around fifty 50 of Imam Hussain pbuh ‘s companions were martyred. He reported himself to the Holy Imam, from Kufa, and was martyred. Omer bin Zabi’ah Az Zabiyee: Chau means four and Khamba means pillar as this Masjid has four low massive pillars towards its north eastern extremity.

Obaidullah bin Zaide Abdi, Yazid bin sabeet al Abdi. This is the son gann the godly lady who came to the Holy Imam and implored for his permission for her son Omar to be martyred and somehow succeeded in getting it. Lucknow shaheeddan center of Azadari in India Lucknow is the center of Azadari in India not just because it has a large number of Imambaras in India than any other city.


Of the Bani Taimi tribe who came to the Holy Imam and volunteered to be martyred in the shsheedan of the Lord. Member feedback about Shamsabad, Farrukhabad: A companion of Ameerul-Momineen. Ali -e-Akbar son of the Holy Imam: The Holy Imam miraculously said “Oh struck them not, they are coming to me with a good hears.

It was at the time of chehlum – the 40th day of the martyrdom – that Imam Zain-ul-Abideen a.

Here is a complete list of the martyrs of Karbala. Amru bin Ha’b Abu Thamama al Sa’idi: Martyred at Kufa with Muslim ibne Aqeel. Seeing the Devil’s forces decision to attack the Holy Imam, which he never thought would happen, left the ranks of the Devil’s forces and joined the Holy Imam. The children of Adam carry the mark of death like necklaces that adorn the neck of a bride. Do you remember how proud our father Ali was? The Martyrs of Karbala. Zainab pbuh went to her brother to request him, and said: The Holy Lady Zainab s.