pathways for the learners. The Gachathi Commission of resulted in a report that addressed the issue of national development and educational objectives. Although this report made several recommendations, it was never fully The Gachathi Report greatly motivated curriculum reform particularly in terms of coping. That report notes that half the Kenyan population is poor, with about 10 .. The Gachathi Report stressed that no improvement of education.

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The review was void of colonial interferences and influences.

It also recommended that the first six years of primary were to concentrate on numeric and literacy skills and the last two years on basic education with practical orientation.

Ominde repogt first released a publication of its findings and recommendations on the verge of and For the record, Ominde commission report had policy recommendations specially prepared in the limelight of Kenyan education system.

Koech Report was purposed to alleviate implementation bugs accumulated by model of education. It recommended the establishment of centres for excellence in training, research, technology and arts.

It recommended for reconstruction of the education system to 9 years primary education, 4 years secondary education, 2 years high secondary education and 3 years university education. According to Sifunathere are three events that led to implementation of the system: As part of its course, the commission was expected to come up with newer strategies to salvage the education system of the day. Effort was made to make education accessible to all including the girl child. The Act was fundamental in proper integration.


The rapid spread of Harambee school was alarming and significantly threatened employability of the state.

According to Simuyuthe policy was repprt in two major areas Reorganization of the Ministry of Education and the Teachers Service Commission for more effective services. Some of the general ones were: Religious bodies were however exempted and left in charge of offering pastoral care and sponsoring gachathk. The problem is aggravated by the annual outputs of school leavers whose number continue to swell following the enormous expansion of the education.

Inthe NARC government implemented free primary education. The campaign fueled by the commission is a tribute to the current vocational subjects integrated into the education system.

Education commissions in Kenya ▷

Since its replrt, system has been changed to be more accommodative. For this reason, it is fundamental to equip learners with productive skills regardless of the organization or society. Emphasis on continuous assessment for evaluation.

In gachathk, free primary education was implemented as from class1 — 4, then it would be extended to the rest. The following are some of the Keech Report recommendations: Emphasized practical education for self reliance.

Expenses in financing the expanded education 2. Hiring qualified teachers and conducting compliance checks were some of the strategies approved by the government in this noble exercise.


Gachathi Commission Report and Recommendations – Gachathi Report

Changes in the subject content of history and geography were made to reflect national cohesion. Reduction of secondary level subjects cited as one repot the relevant resolutions of improving quality of education. Another attempt to implement free primary education was done in Interestingly, these reforms increased African enrollment in schools representing 30 percent by The Mackay Report influenced the extension of primary education from seven to eight years and thus influenced the restructuring of the education system from to and hence the introduction of technical and vocational i.

It recommended that post secondary training institutions to be developed and expanded so as to be able to handle the large number expected to join them after failing to get university admissions.

Education commissions in Kenya

NB The Mackay report 8: Many Primary School syllabuses were revised K. The commission came into being in when President Moi chose Dr. Factors, which influence the teaching of technical and vocational. Lawyer Ahmednasir in Twitter fight with TV girl for claiming local stations hire women for gacnathi booty size.