The Turning Point by Fritjof Capra Technics and Civilization by Lewis Mumford The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas S. Kuhn The Technological. 1. Turning Point: A Science of Living Systems by Fritjof Capra, Ph.D. In the first three decades of the 20th century, atomic and subatomic physics led to a dramatic. Fritjof Capra encourages his readers, whenever possible, to order his books through Starts from the conceptual framework presented in The Turning Point, .

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This article about a book on economics or finance is a stub. Its Relevance to Culture and Religion. I’m tempted to mail Obama a copy. It was a science-philosophy-political science course. This pointt was last edited on 12 Novemberat This approach has led to a world where, in the words of R.

This was a book we used in an interdisciplinary course I had as an undergraduate. Science Tkrning and Mathematics. I still quote Capra some some years later.

Sedangkan pemikiran intuitif adalah pemikiran yang cenderung padu dan non linier. Bauchspies – – Blackwell. Expands focus to show how the revolution in modern physics foreshadows a similar revolution in many other sciences and a corresponding transformation of world views and values in society. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Co-authored with Charlene Spretnak. For this reason the transformation of the old becomes easy.

Fritjof Capra – – Shambhala.

Fritjof Capra, The Turning Point: Science, Society, and the Rising Culture – PhilPapers

Fritjof Capra born February 1, is an Austrian-born American physicist. The book has been published in 10 editions in 7 languages. Spirituality and Science are not mutually exclusive but dovetail in the physics of the very small. A compelling vision of a new reality, a reconciliation of science and the human spirit for a future that will work The dynamics underlying the major problems of our time—cancer, crime, pollution, nuclear power, inflation, the energy shortage—are all the same.


The powerful light that has been banished returns. They believe that it will be critical for present and future generations of young students and researchers to understand this new systemic conception of life and its implications for a broad range of professions — from the life sciences to economics, management, politics, medicine, psychology, and law.

The Turning Point: Science, Society, and the Rising Culture

Also by Fritjof Capra. Dalam I Ching, filosofi tua cina, menurut Capra, keseimbangan ini adalah yin dan yang. Paperbackpages. Complete List of Publications Fritjof Capra encourages his readers, whenever possible, to order his books through locally owned and independently operated bookstores. En el Momento actual vivimos una triple amenaza 1.

Sep 04, Dottie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sonia, the natural scientist, now gives a hug to her daughter. Capra writes that science must further explore the fields of organic systems theory in order to solve these problems.

Capra gives a little acounting of the word origin of the word property, ‘privare’, as in me Little sections of this book get four stars. It is unusually detailed and thorough in its inclusion of the conventional and the alternative approaches to topics ranging from ecology through medicine and psychology to economics. Baida’ having the same issue may be we can help each other? They may lead us – to put it in extreme terms – to the Buddha or to the Bomb, and it is up to each of us to decide which path to take.

Well, end is approaching.

The problem is he gets his physics wrong and in a preachy way. It really complemented what I am learning at the moment: The authors argue that at the root of the multi-faceted global crisis we face today is a legal system based on an obsolete worldview; and they explain how, by incorporating concepts from modern science, the law can become an integral part of bringing about a better world, rather than facilitating its destruction.

If you are disheartened by the problems of overpopulation, energy crises, etc… the list can go on forever do yourself a favor and read the solutions Capra advocates in The Turning Point. Extends the framework of systems and complexity theory to the social domain and uses thus framework to discuss some of the critical issues of our time — the management of human organizations, the challenges and dangers of economic globalization, the scientific and ethical problems of biotechnology, and the design of ecologically sustainable communities and technologies.


Sociology of Science in General Philosophy of Science.

From a biology textbook quoted by Capra, “One of the acid frigjof of understanding an object is the ability to put it together from its component parts. Capra’s concepts about our then-current societal problems still hold true today and in many ways are even more relevant and apparent.

Books | Fritjof Capra

Wonderful book – much food for thought. Steering Business Toward Sustainability A collection, co-edited with Gunter Pauli, of essays by business executives, economists, ecologists, and others who outline practical approaches to meeting the challenge of ecological sustainability.

For other uses, see Turning Point. Quotes from The Turning Point A must-read book that will help you to recognize we are in a cultural rebirth and, I hope, we will ” Pemikiran rasional adalah pemikiran yang cenderung linier, dan terkotak kotak. If I had to pick only one book to recommend for all the world leaders to read cover-to-cover, it would be this book. Capra gives a protein shake to the physiocrats in giving them credit for uninvisibleing it as productive force, as the Industrial Revolution made life into and became a mechanized life, built of the raw material as nature hath furnished into machines.

The old is discarded and the new is introduced. His “ideas” are an inch deep and, I suspect, for effect — mostly just the opposite of our culturally received wisdom, so that by showing us that east is always better than west, female is always better than male, new is always better than old, he relieves us from actually having to think these things through for ourselves to discover that the world is not really black and white.