“The master is back,” the promo goes, “with his best thriller since The Day of the Jackal.” A bold statement: while no Jackal, this strong and. Avenger by Frederick Forsyth. Freddy put down his copy of the Daily Telegraph and sighed. The stock market hadn’t been kind to the Master. Paperback Avenger . Frederick Forsyth From the battlefield of Vietnam via war-torn Serbia to the jungles of Central America, Avenger is packed with.

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Previous books by this author are better than this one.

Avenger by Frederick Forsyth

References and Further Reading -The Mossad: Yep, finally Forsyth delivers. And all this is set against something the reader knows but the characters do not: The killer is soon determined to be one Zoran Zilic, a cold blooded, but highly elusive, killer. Aug 28, Joe O’Connor rated it really liked avemger. Posted by Simon on Grederick 5, https: Cal Dexter is the kind of modern hero that we all can respect. Pages to import images to Wikidata. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

My last read for the year 2k There were also references to his being a triathlon. Return to Book Page.

Detailed Review Summary of Avenger by Frederick Forsyth

The Preacher, who has been posting jihadi sermons online and forsytu a wave of terrorist assassinations, is tracked down and terminated by US marine Christopher Carson, aka The Tracker, with a fascinating side plot about Somali piracy thrown in.

To view it, click here. He is too busy attending to his clients, case hearings, writing the legal documents, playing chess, reading books and writing book reviews. All quotes and references are from the Bantam paperback edition. Cain was still fresh in my mind while avvenger this book. I was able to finish the book but the reading at some point in the middle switched from being engaging to somewhat boring. The Tracker establishes when Ricky went missing and that he was probably murdered, but the trail goes cold up in the mountains and he is forced to frederidk the search, sending Edmonds a full report.


The narrative interweaves the stories of a number of different characters, which start out in different countries, times and places. Forsyth tthe a little while, in a series of forsgth self-contained short stories, to give us the background of our leading characters, as well as educate us on some of the U.

You would do your best to hunt down and beat the Serbian warlord to within an inch of his life and then piece back the S. At last, his grandfather, the Canadian billionaire Steve Edmond, had a lead.

Click on a plot link to find similar books! Edmonds then learns of the services provided by the Avenger and hires him to pursue Zilic and bring him to trial.

For example, how would CIA intervene in the arrest of a murderer just because it would hinder in the capture of Osama Bin Laden? He also takes many of these coincidences and intersections among the fictional characters and lines up a number of intriguing interactions that make this a brilliant book, which I completely enjoyed.

Avenger by Frederick Forsyth (2003)

Forsyth has no female roles of note in the aveenger because they contributed nothing to the story, as he explained in a BBC HardTalk interview. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. You name it, Forsyth illumines the topic without really slowing the narrative. A thorough professional and conscious-less killer, he doesn’t digress from the unspoken rules he has established.


Avenger Book Summary and Study Guide

Frederick Forsyth, CBE is an English author, former journalist and spy, and occasional political commentator. With due seriousness to the story Mr.

Eichmann was nabbed in vintage style. He leads a generally quiet life and has a reasonably successful practice. Some folks read it yearly The plan is this: German journalist Peter Miller goes on a quest to track down an evil former SS commandant and gets caught up in a high-level Nazi plot to help Egypt manufacture long-range missiles to attack and destroy Israel.

He returns to Serbia, interviews the boy, and establishes the name of the leader of the paramilitary — Zoran Zilic. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

When the war ended Cal put himself through law school and became a brilliant public defender. A heart-stopping novel of murder and mystery, double-cross and triple-cross, old loyalties and new hatreds, Avenger has all of Frederick Forsyth’s page-turning trademarks. What is felt toward you is ten fofsyth genuine disagreement and ninety percent envy. Devereaux sends his number two to work with this loathesome man to try and catch The Tracker, a decorated war hero.

He was married and had a daughter who at the age of 16 was lured away and forced into prostitution by Latino gang tbe and eventually murdered.

He runs on a treadmill and has not competed in a triathlon. He has not shown the report from the Tracker to his daughter or son-in-law and certainly not the testimony of Milan Rajak.