Fractura De Escafoide Jess. 1. FRACTURA DE ESCAFOIDE Jessica Cruz Muños ; 2. Generalidades Después de la fractura de Colles. A fratura do punho – rádio distal – é uma das mais frequentes do esqueleto. Não raro as fraturas acabam consolidando com deformidade. throsis. Cross-sectional studies. RESUMO. Objetivo: Verificar como os cirurgiões da mão conduzem o trat- amento da fratura de escafoide e suas complicações.

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Grip strength escafoids of the right hand showed Scaphoid fractures are diagnosed by a history of acute trauma to the wrist in dorsiflexion, pain in its radial aspect, on rratura of the scaphoid and in the anatomical snuffbox 2,3.

This time of immobilization causes muscular atrophy and a decrease in strength, leading to an increase in the degree of joint stiffness of the wrist, which in turn requires a longer rehabilitation time.


In most cases, longitudinal traction is sufficient to reduce the fracture Kirschner wires can be used as joysticks to manipulate the fracture fragments to their original position in cases where traction alone is not sufficient. A Demarcation of the proximal pole for guidewire entry a escafode may be used for assistance ; B guidewire introduction; C passing of the dorsal guidewire from dorsal to volar, so that wrist flexion occurs, facilitating screw placement; D lateral radiographic image of the guidewire already positioned; E anteroposterior radiographic image; F drilling of the proximal pole; G placement of the dorsal screw from dorsal to volar on a lateral image; H end of screw placement on anteroposterior I and lateral images; J dressing and elastic bandage.

Am J Sports Med.

Despite the high relative incidence of injury, stress fracture of the scaphoid is relatively rare, with only a few references in the literature 1, For high-performance athletes, surgical treatment may represent a possibility of early return to sports. Furthermore, the same authors warn that treatments comprising 9—12 weeks of immobilization are not free of complications, escafoidf the good levels of bone union.

Fratura de Bennett – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Percutaneous fixation was shown to be a good way to treat these types of fractures; despite the steep learning curve, the method is excafoide and allows early active mobility of the wrist with a low rate of complications, earlier return to work, and optimal functional results.

Clinical case of a scaphoid waist fracture A patient with four weeks of evolution, after dratura fall to the ground, presented pain at palpation of the anatomical snuffbox and with the Watson test.


J Bone Joint Surg Am. Physical examination revealed the presence of skin calluses on the right distal radius and scaphoid.

A posteroanterior radiograph of the wrist showed a scaphoid waist fracture and an opening of the radial aspect of the distal radial epiphysis Figure 1. The volar wrist ligaments protect the proximal pole of the scaphoid while its distal portion is exposed to impact.

Percutaneous treatment for waist and proximal pole scaphoid fractures

It is important to pay attention to the fact that the implications of repetitive dorsiflexion and compression of the wrist are often related to fraturx injuries of the growth plate of the radius, with radiographic evidence of openness and irregularity of the distal radial physis 5,6. Delays and poor management of scaphoid fractures: Percutaneous fixation of waist and fratua scaphoid fractures with a compression screw presents good results, being a good alternative to prolonged plaster cast use.

Journal List Rev Bras Ortop v. The fracture plane was not visible on anteroposterior and lateral radiographs of the wrist, only on a pronated oblique view Fig.

The mechanism of trauma was a fall fragura the wrist in 22 cases Thus, Rettig and Kollias 21 recommend a more aggressive treatment in cases of non-dislocated or minimally dislocated fractures, especially in athletes, high-demand workers, and patients with immobilization intolerance. The vascularity of the scaphoid bone. Percutaneous fixation is an excellent, reproducible technique that allows early active mobility of the wrist with a low complication dd, although it requires a learning curve.

The guidewire is dd and its direction is continuously evaluated by the image intensifier in order to pass the wire to the proximal pole Fig. Percutaneous management of scaphoid nonunions. Although wrist pain in gymnasts is classified as “normal and direct consequences of the sport” 2complaints of pain in these young athletes should be carefully evaluated.

Percutaneous fixation of scaphoid fractures. Finally, proximal pole fractures may have the greatest risk of nonunion or avascular necrosis. Nonoperative compared with operative treatment of acute scaphoid fractures. The concomitant epiphyseal lesion observed on radiograph and MRI appeared as a complicating factor of the scaphoid fracture, requiring greater attention to the wrist.

In this case, a volar approach was used. There was consolidation in 26 cases The fact that the pain was insidious ruled out the possibility of an undiagnosed acute fracture.

Discussion Scaphoid fractures continue presenting a great challenge due to their different types and methods of treatment. Percutaneous fixation technique for fractures of the proximal third of the scaphoid The patient is placed in a supine recumbent position with the arm extended on the table.


A patient with four weeks of evolution, after a fall to the ground, presented pain at palpation of the anatomical snuffbox and with the Watson test. Percutaneous screw fixation fartura cast immobilization for nondisplaced scaphoid fractures. A retrospective escafoice study conducted from January to Aprilaiming at the consolidation time, epidemiological profile, level of function, return to work, and complications.

Percutaneous fixation technique for scaphoid waist fractures The patient is placed in a supine recumbent position, and under fluoroscopy the hand is tractioned in hyperextension.

Chronic pain in the wrist of a gymnast, even without a history of acute trauma, should raise the suspicion of a possible stress fracture of the scaphoid.

Curr Sports Med Rep. They were positioned in a dorsal recumbent position with the upper limb supported on a transparent auxiliary table with an image intensifier used throughout the procedure. We opted for surgical treatment with percutaneous fixation of the scaphoid and in situ fixation of the radial styloid process Figure 4. A, positioning of the image intensifier regarding the hand to be operated; B, hyperextension of the wrist to visualize the entry point and the edcafoide longitudinal axis of the scaphoid; C, entry point of the Kirschner wire with the wrist in hyperextension; D, Kirschner wire inserted following the true dratura of the scaphoid on a lateral view; E, Kirschner wire inserted following the true axis of the scaphoid, on an anteroposterior view; F, introduction of the screw following the true axis of the scaphoid.

For the passing of the guidewire, after locating the central axis of the scaphoid on the anteroposterior view, the wrist should be pronated and flexed at 45 degrees or more, until the scaphoid poles are brought into line Fig.

Abstract Objective Analyze sscafoide percutaneous fixation technique for scaphoid fractures in the waist of the scaphoid and the proximal pole, and demonstrate its result. Of all fractures, 24 cases were in the waist This entry point is the scaphoid tuberosity, which can be located with a 12—gauge syringe needle inserted into the scaphotrapezial junction and bent to a vertical position.

In the first week after surgery, we used a long orthesis, which immobilized the metacarpophalangeal joint of the thumb, and began rehabilitation in order to control swelling, treat scarring and increase movement.