Frank Furedi argues that the greater danger in our culture is the tendency to fear achievements that represent a more constructive side of humanity. We panic. Apr 4, testimony to the cultural significance of fear today. Many of us explore how fear works, and isolate the key elements of today’s culture of fear. Aug 6, Fear is on the increase and it’s corrosive of our humanity. In his book The Culture of Fear (), Furedi set out the paradox of modern life.

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Furedi’s optimism about science has attracted some criticism from the left. In an article for the online journal OnEarth, David Corn, the Washington-based editor of America’s left-leaning weekly The Nation, argued that ‘technologies long challenged by environmental advocates are potential sources of immense danger in an era of terrorism’.

You can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in any newsletter. Paradoxically, uclture spend as much time trying to contain the effects of spontaneously generated scare stories as they do pursuing their own fear campaigns.

The statement ‘I am frightened’ is rarely focused on something specific, but tends to express a diffuse sense of powerlessness.

So what is to be done? Now Furedi returns to his original frar, as most of what he predicted has come true. In previous eras where the politics of fear had a powerful grasp – in Latin American dictatorships, Fascist Italy or Stalin’s Soviet Union – people rarely saw fear as an issue in its own right.

New conservatism upholds nothing except an unswerving conformism to the present.

Culture of Fear

Risk-taking and the Morality of Low Expectation No preview feear – Selected pages Title Page. Furedi thinks these problems are worse in the Anglo-American part of the world than in other countries, where formal relationships have not broken down quite so much.


It continually invites society and its members to constrain their aspirations and to limit their actions. It cannot discuss a problem facing children without going into panic mode. Furedi claims that this perspective has acquired a dominant status because in contrast to other options it appears to be singularly effective in influencing peoples behaviour. Furedi predicts that until society finds a more positive orientation towards uncertainty, the politicisation of fear will fea.

Businesses have systematically used concern with homeland security to win public subsidies and handouts. Frank Furedi Sociologist, commentator and author. There is nothing distinct about Bush’s rhetoric on terrorism. We are bombarded with reports of new concerns for our safety and that of our children, and urged to take greater And if vulnerability is the defining feature of the human condition, we are quite entitled to fear everything.

Furedi believes we have a diminished sense of control due to things such as the growing complexity of society and the increase in loneliness brought on by the breakdown of families and institutions such as churches and trade unions. By this had swelled to 10, individuals and organisations. Instead, it is our obsession with theoretical risks that is in danger of distracting us from dealing with the old-fashioned dangers that have always threatened our lives.

This is wrong not just because risk-taking is one of the most important expressions of our humanity, but because it makes children less capable of dealing with the unexpected.

Newspapers compete with one another in the promotion of different scare stories, feae it’s Frankenstein foods, the risks posed by the MMR vaccine, economy-flight syndrome, or asylum seekers. His sentiments are echoed by leaders of other interest groups and even by his opponents. Fear has become an ever-expanding part of life in the West in the twenty-first century.


Frank Furedi : The politics of fear

The video that accompanied the song showed a map of Britain with a target sign across it. So basically it means I don’t have a pictorial memory frar my child doing athletics and football, which to me is a symptom of the drank we’re all looking at the world from the point of view of the pedophile. My library Help Advanced Book Search. The politics of fear Today, we seem to recognise the politics of fear only in its most grotesque caricatured form.

Frank Furedi | books

The sum of our fears Michael Duffy Frank Furedi is one of the most interesting thinkers in the humanities today. And yet the politics of fear could not flourish if it did not resonate so powerfully with today’s cultural climate.

But what happened on September 11th, was in many ways an old fashioned act of terror, representing the destructive side of human passions. But increasingly, as we’ve lost touch with other people and become more lonely and isolated, we’ve adopted a perspective where just about every experience is looked at in terms of the worst possible outcome. All seem to take the view that they are more likely to gain a hearing if they pursue their arguments or claims through the prism of security.

When I picked this book up, I thought it was another book by the same title. Risk Taking and the Morality of Low Expectationfear has become a powerful force that dominates the public imagination. In this new book, Furedi seeks to explain two interrelated themes: How the zero risk mentality breeds a culture of anxiety and a hunger for authority.